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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Why You Should Get a Degree Online

1. You've been out of school and working for a long time. You don't really want to take your balding head or wrinkling chin back to a classroom surrounded by people wearing braces, having their hair gelled in a random mess, and asking what elementary school was like before the Blackberry was invented. You just want to get an education to advance in your career and you don't want to take time off from your career and lose your position in the meantime.

2. You want to make more money and you can't afford to give up four years of salary to get a small raise when you finish college. When you get a degree online you have a lot more pricing options than you might get from the local college campus. It is much cheaper for colleges to deliver courses to you online, and so many colleges deliver your courses online at better prices. Also, when you become strapped for money you can easily cut back on your coursework for a while when you are getting a degree online. This is not so easy when you've got programmed campus class schedules and annual course expectations.

3. You usually have a very flexible schedule as you attempt to get a degree online. Some people simply don't have flexible work and family responsibility schedules. If this is you, the only way you can really get a degree is online. When you get a degree online it doesn't matter if you only have 30 minutes of free time per day and it only occurs at 2am. You can just do your coursework at 2am each morning!

4. The ability to attend a reputable university, far away from your life responsibilities. You may not want to attend the local community college or state college. There is nothing wrong with that. You worked hard to get good grades in high school. You can stay where you are and attend a prestigious institution that will have an impact on your career aspirations.

5. The convenience of getting your degree online cannot be matched by any other educational medium. The convenience of online degrees comes down to the ability to do whatever kind of education you want, at whatever time you want, at a competitive price, at an adjustable progress rate, and so much more.

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