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Friday, October 31, 2008

Master's Degree Online and Education Alternatives

Since its inception, online education has gained a bit of a bad reputation. Many people simply don't understand how a person can gain an education over the internet that measures up to an education gained in the classroom. This has lead to a general lack of respect for those who've obtained a Master's degree online and education alternatives.

One of the biggest reasons for this lack of respect is at least partly due to the abundance of scandalous students who find ways to cheat their way through online courses and even pay people to do their assignments for them. There will always be 'bad eggs' among us that ruin experiences for people with genuine interest. Just because there are rotten people out there, it doesn't mean that a person can't get a great education online that is just as comprehensive as a traditional classroom education.

Let's take a look

Education should never be taken lightly, so if you've been thinking about furthering your education with an online program; it would be wise to do a bit of research first. Decide what sort of course would suit you best; whether or you would want the freedom to go at your own pace, or if you'd prefer a more structured approach. Once you know this, you can look for an accredited school offering online education programs.

Many students simply cannot afford the extremely high tuition, transportation, and supply costs involved in traditional universities, so they turn to internet programs to get their master's degree online and educational experience. With this option, they are free to take, or keep, a full time job while they also study. Since most online education programs give the student the freedom to study and complete their assignment at their leisure, there are also a lot of online students who happen to be parents and cannot afford the time to go back to school.

There are many different reasons why a person would seek a master's degree online and education programs with flexibility. I've already touched on a couple, but you don't have to be a single mother or financially less fortunate to take an online course. In fact, a lot of people have switched from their traditional classroom university education to online schools, because they simply do better when allowed to work at their own pace.

Those students who are more advanced than their class average can 'fast-track' their degree and not have to wait for the slower students to catch up before they move on to the next section of their course. On the side of the spectrum, a slower student may excel with online education because they can take all the time they need to fully understand the material, and not have to worry about missing deadlines or being unprepared for exams.

While other students still, simply don't learn well from lectures, visual learners tend to do better studying written material rather than listening to a professor drone on and on about the nature of the valence shells surrounding a hydrogen atom, for example. If you have tried college, or have wanted to advance your education but simply don't have the resources to go back to school, then a master's degree online and education alternatives may be worth investigating.

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

5 Steps For Getting Your Hands on the Best Online Degree Program

Looking for the best online degree program around but don't know where to start? There isn't exactly a straight answer to that question as your needs and priorities for picking out the right one varies with the person sitting next to you. The US News releases what it calls "The Top 100 American Colleges" but in this situation, what exactly should you look for to get the best degree program?

Deciding on which is the best online degree program you want to sign up for is hard enough, but let's take a look at what you might want to consider.

Step 1: Find out what you already know

Decide whether you already have in mind the best online degree program that you want to pursue.

Step 2: Find out your purpose

Decide if it is for the career you're looking after taking that degree or the kind of money you can take home after or if it is the kind of college life you're interested in like online parties, sports and so on.

Step 3: Funnel your options

Check the accreditation of the institution offering the degree. Of course, you'd want something legal and solid when you shell out your money, guts and brains. Also, you can narrow down your list once you've already decided which program to take as not all educational institutions offer will offer the degree that you're looking for.

Step 4: Making that decision

The next step would be to scrutinize the offers out there by preparing a list of criteria of what you need in choosing the best online degree program. Are you after the school's academic excellence? Do you like the courses they're offering? Do you have particular professors you'd want to study under? Do you like the method of teaching the school is offering?

Step 5: Compare and contrast

With the criteria at hand, you can easily pick out and list the best candidates for your online degree. Take time to research on each school or institution to have a better grasp of what they can offer and compare it with the others. Don't just glaze over what online advertisements can provide to you but check out each one's own website. (For example, don't be too trusting with colleges that don't even have their own website.)

You can even make a chart out of the data that you have gathered to better contrast each college from each other and weigh your options. You're chart may look like this:

College A
College B
College C
College D

  • Academic Reputation
  • Cost
  • Relevant Classes
  • Technology

You can then easily use a scale like from 1-5 or to 10 to further narrow the list and spot the best online degree program for you.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Online Master's Teaching Degrees

In general, teachers with master's degrees earn more. If you are already a teacher who is trying to reach the next level of your profession, owning a master's teaching degree can put you at an advantage edge on your career ladder. With a master's teaching degree in hand, you can enjoy a better salary, job security, and retirement benefits.

Teachers who are interested to pursue a master's degree in education for their career advancement, but do not want to give their pay check during the period of earning the master degree; then online master's degree programs match perfectly the requirement of this interest group because most online master degrees allow the greatest flexibility that can fit into almost any schedule. And, the students of online master's degree programs can logon to the classes from their preferred location, this eliminate the hassle of the need to travel to and from the school as needed in the traditional classroom-based setting.

There are various types of online master's teaching degrees available for you to choose from. If you are interested to move to a management level in education field, then online master degree in Education with specialization in Educational Leadership or Educational Administration can a good option for you to get the necessary knowledge and skills to become a successful leader in teaching field.

Other than master's teaching degree in education leadership and education administration, the common specializations for master education degrees include Adult and Higher Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Early Childhood Education, K12 Education and Special Education. If you do not have any specific area of study to target for, then you can also choose an online master's teaching degree in General Education which help to sharpen your knowledge and skills required in your teaching job while pave your career path toward next level of your profession.

Among the newest specialization offered in master's teaching degree program is Distance Education. This specialization is introduced in conjunction with the growth of online education which required more skilled teaching personnel for online classes. There are some differences in the methods and skills to teach in online classes as compare to the classroom-based classes, the specialization in Distance Education will train to students to master the teaching skills in online format.

While many traditional universities have made their teaching degrees available online, most online universities do offer master's teaching degrees for their students. You have many choices to choose a master's teaching degree with specialization that meet your requirement, but you need to give special attentions to the reputation and accreditation of the school you choose to pursue your master's teaching degree because it will affect the value and the legitimate of your degree.


Besides enjoying a better salary and job security, a master's teaching degree will put you at an advantage edge to grab any career opportunity comes to you along your career path. Hence, earning a master's teaching degree is good option for teachers who plan for career advancement.

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Moving on to an Online Masters Degree

A master's degree is an additional accolade on the educational portfolio of a professional. Some people who have finished their bachelor degrees often fail to complete their master's degree for some reason. With the coming of the Internet, education has evolved and so it has become possible for anyone to get a degree online, including masters. This article briefly discusses the online master's degree program.

The initial requirement of course, is to have finished a bachelor's degree. This can be completed through regular schools, distance learning schools, or online. When you have successfully completed the bachelor's degree, you can start applying for the master's degree program in the college or university of your choice. There are document requirements, which include proof of age or birth certificate, address, and previous education qualification (your diploma).

There are some schools that limit the number of their students so they set a cut-off score. This score should be achieved or exceeded by the applicant in order to qualify. There are information about the subjects and courses online that you can look through. Their qualifying exams are also done online at a specific time. Pass the examinations and you get to that school via the Internet.

You have to know that the tuition fees for the online masters degree programs are usually higher than the traditional schools. Different regions have different ways of organizing their online masters degree programs. You have to check with different schools so you can see which one could match your needs.

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