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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Second Language Taught Through Distance Education

Getting your child the best education possible is an important goal for many parents. Taking advantage of recent technological advances can give your child the opportunity of a lifetime. With distance education, children are opening gateways to corners of the globe they would have never experienced in the past.

Another fact to keep in mind is that because of the demanding schedules of individuals wishing or needing to pursue degrees at their own convenience or without relocation, distance education has evolved into many different forms. One of these is of course the online course. You can actually enter a full two year program right from your desk at home. You can complete all the required courses and assignments and receive an accredited certificate for your education. Many professors host classes in a chat room setting so that anyone that wants to answer or ask questions can do so instantly. Homework can be emailed or uploaded onto the class website.

In addition, distance learning is often more affordable than a traditional education. For parents that can't leave their home to employees who need to make money, you can still receive an education. Choose a program that works with your budget and your schedule to take the next step towards the career you want.

In particular learning a language is the best to do through distance learning. Instead of limiting your child's education to a classroom taught by a professor whose native language is also probably English, you can give your child the chance to experience the language from a professor that lives the language and speaks it naturally and fluently. Have your student speak to other students via the monitors and voice transmitters. Allow you children to talk to people who can teach the language in a more unique and meaningful setting.

Distance learning is within everyone's budget. Some libraries offer this type of education for free or for a nominal fee. Many school are now placing distance learning into their regular curriculum. There are even extra curricular activities for your children to partake in from programs offered online and to your home computer. Depending on your schedule and budget you can have your child speaking to a Chinese speaking professor about the grammar in their language or taking singing Spanish lessons from a teacher in Venezuela.

Gunnar Bengtsson writes about Distance Education and Learning for Distance Education.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Accredited Masters Degree Online - Do One For You

Masters degree online programs offer you an opportunity to get your post graduate degree with a flexible study schedule. Online programs make it possible for you to study through the internet at your convenience. A distance learning course allows you to have discussions with instructors or classmates via the internet. You will have an advantage of doing your class work, assignments, tesst and exams with the use of chat and email services. Because of the flexible quality of online studies single parents, working Moms, people nursing sick parents and busy Dads now find it easy to improve their income and upgrade their jobs.

Online degree courses have come a long way in the past few years. You can do accounting, business administration, management, engineering, law, psychology, English language, history, creative art, sociology or criminal justice online. You can also do online diploma certificate, online associates degree, online bachelor's degree, online master's degree or online PhD degree programs in various fields.

You can apply for student's loan, for example, Grad PLUS loan. The loan will help you to pay your tuition fees, buy textbooks and some expenses during the program.

The advantage of online studies over campus based university or an institution is that you can keep your current job and earn money while you study. It will help you save money to pay some bill and take care of personal or family responsibilities.

Finally, you must research to get the accreditation status of the course you want to read because your masters degree online programs can be useful for the rest of your life. Once you earn accredited masters degree, it become yours forever. You can get higher salary and have better job opportunities globally.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

E-learning Solutions - Getting Past the Difficulties to Deliver a Better Learning Experience

In many instances involving learning scenarios, many learners do not reap the full benefits of the learning experience due to a number of reasons. Since virtually everyone is unique in their own way, all possessing specific preferences and peculiarities that could very well be exclusive to them respectively, presenting instructors, trainers, and teachers with the unenviable task of formulating a teaching strategy that will take into account their unique attributes and allow them to learn fully. Without going so much into the details of teaching, this task may be viewed by some as a virtual impossibility, and that may very well be true, since it is a known fact that no two people are ever alike in the world, not even identical twins. This fact therefore necessitates that educators, trainers, and learning experts must design their learning modules to accommodate varying learning rates, within acceptable parameters, as well as certain learning material, and treat specific areas of contention, such as possible appropriateness and religion-related issues, with temperance and the underlying note that all subject material and learning activities have been included in the learning module all for the purposes of providing the needed lessons, and not for anything else. Normally such considerations are subject to much debate and deliberations from within the faculty or from within the management of the learning institution. Those using a learning management system, however, can work around this by completely customizing all subject matter and curtailing them for appropriateness and learner need, thus providing an even more effective learning experience.

There will always inevitably certain learners who have a particular dislike for approaching the instructor to verify certain aspects of the learning module, and a failure to do will, of course, result in a lesson being incorrectly learned, or an incomplete understanding of the material, which is often the case. There are always certain aspects of lessons that will need a closer and more finite analysis than is typically done by those learning it, hence, the role of an instructor able to aid the learner in dissecting this matter and learning it further is quite crucial, although the entire point of having an instructor is quite moot if the learner themselves fail or inhibit themselves from approaching the instructor and asking the needed information. This is why in an instance like this, the benefit of an e-learning solution is quite obvious. Certain learning programs that incorporate e-learning tools may have a noticeable absence of an instructor, but this fact will not deter the learner from pursuing a particular aspect of the learning module that may not have been altogether that clear when it was taken up. Being segmented into easily manageable modules, a learning management system can facilitate "zooming in" on a particular area of difficulty and providing better and more in-depth information and materials on it, to facilitate better understanding and therefore complete the learning experience. The fact that there is no apparent "intimidating" presence of an instructor, certain learners may feel quite secure in pursuing further something which may have been an area of difficulty for them, and having the appropriate tools to allow them to analyze the matter better affords them the initiative to actually look up the area of difficulty and deal with it themselves at their own pace and not be embarrassed by the fact that they are stalled by a perceived difficulty.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Online Education Accreditations - Be Informed

Online education is a relatively new form of education that utilizes modern technology in a way to provide better access to more people. However, thorough research on a program is a must to decide whether the diploma fits your needs.

Even if a specific online education program (any education program for that matter) claims to be "accredited", that is not enough. It is crucial to know whether the University/College is regionally accredited or nationally accredited.

Do not be deceived with how the words 'regional' or 'national' sounds.

Regional accreditation is the highest level within academic establishment that any college or university can receive. For example, all of the University of California branches are all regionally accredited. If you receive a diploma from regionally accredited institutions, and if you want to continue your studies or pursue a Masters at a different college/university, it means that the course/class credit that you have taken transfers over to other universities and colleges. Transferable course credit saves much time and money as you are not required to take beginning courses all over again.

If for example you received an bachelor's degree from a nationally accredited program and want to pursue a master's at a regionally accredited college, you may not qualify as the course credits may not transfer from nationally accredited to regionally accredited schools.

To summarize, regional credits are most likely to transfer well to anywhere. But national credits may not transfer well to regional accredited schools.

However, if one is concerned about the legitimacy a diploma has in the eyes of potential employers, it has been said that some employers (depending on the field) do not know the difference between national and regional as long as they see that the diploma is accredited.

To find out whether an online program is regionally or nationally accredited, information should be available on the program's web site. If not, do a quick web search with the program name and the words "regional accredited". Another way would be to contact the program's office and ask.

When in doubt, choose online education classes from already established Universities or Community College. Always do research about the program you want to go into and make sure it delivers exactly what you need for the long term.