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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

How To Use An Online Degree To Enhance Your Career

Do you want to do the same level of jobs in your lifetime? Are you satisfied with your current salary and the minor percentage of increment each year? If you answer if "NO", then, you need to do something to make changes by enhancing your current career or advanced to a new career that pays better and with better employee benefits. Here are some tips to can use an online degree to make these changes happen.

Let's see the facts:

Generally, people with more working experience in related field gets better salary. People who are holding a bachelor degree get better income than those who are holding an associate degree of the same subject. Master degree holders get higher salary than bachelor degree holders and people with doctorate degree get the highest pays.

These facts may not be true all the time, but in general, it does. Job market is very competitive, you need to have good skills with sufficient working experience and a good knowledge to be success in your position and be successful in your career. The bottom line is: working experience and skills need to be built over time; one thing you can speed up is your knowledge that related to your job. With the available of online degree programs that cover almost every subjects, enabled you to gain your required knowledge without on holding your current career.

Earn Your Degree Online

Most of job positions have minimum education requirement. For example, for a junior engineer position, a candidate is required to have a minimum of bachelor degree in the related field. If you are current holding a position as a technician with an associate degree and with a few year of working in the related field; And you are looking for a job promotion within the company or career advancement to other company that offer a junior engineer position, you should prepare to earn a bachelor degree of the related engineering field to get yourself ready for the job when there are vacancies offered on the related engineer position.

You know that if you quit your job and go back to school for the degree, you will lose a few year of working experience and your current income. In addition, if you have family commitment and other financial reasons that stop you from quitting your job, then, earn your degree online is the best option that provides a perfect solution to continue your job and pursuing a degree for a better future.

Many executives and officers level are earning a management or business degree for their career advancement to a management level such as department manager, HR manager, Vice President of Marketing department & etc. If you are looking for a job opportunity in senior management position, you need to have a master and doctorate degree in business administration or other business related degree in order to complete with other candidates. Many traditional universities and online colleges are offering business related online degree programs such online MBA, online Master Degree in management, Ph.D in Business Administration & etc. You definite can find a degree program that can help you to meet your career goal.


Earn a degree online is a good option for people who are planning for career promotion or career advancement. The advantages of online degree program in term of flexibility of learning schedule and convenient of study from home enables you to plan your study to fit your busy working schedule.

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Discover How To Get An Accredited Graduate Degree Online

Is it really possible to obtain an Accredited Graduate Degree Online?

In many professions or businesses, a Bachelor's Degree is considered "basic knowledge." You can normally find a job with a Bachelor's Degree, but the job is often low paid and has limited advancement potential. You're getting experience in your chosen field, nevertheless you're stuck at the bottom of the ladder. You need to achieve a graduate degree to advance in your career.

That's all well and good, but you are stuck at that low-paying job, and you have personal and financial obligations. Although you can't just quit what you're currently doing and go to graduate school, you can an accredited graduate degree online. It's that something?

Although there is some bias against online Bachelor's Degrees, it's very desirable to get an accredited graduate degree online. Some well-respected, major universities offer accredited graduate degrees online, and an online degree from these colleges is equivalent to a traditional degree.

So, the short answer is, yes it is fully possible to get an accredited graduate degree online

You've made the decision to get a accredited degree, and looked at your options and decided an online degree is the best one for you. Now what? There are literally hundreds of places to obtain an accredited graduate degree online. How do you make your choice?

The first thing is to get rid of the hoaxes. High level education is already about as compressed as it can get, so not many places will give you credit for life experience. Any college school that gives you an advanced degree for little or no coursework is a hoax.

Next, look at the expense. It is harder to finance graduate or higher education than undergraduate education. It's also harder for adults who have been out of school for a while to get a scholarship. There are, however, ways to finance your accredited degree. Fill out a FAFSA through the Department of Education to see if you qualify for any grants or loans. Check out if your employer has a tuition assistance plan. Search out each and every scholarship opportunity you can find. Even beg if you have to. Then compare the costs of the various schools you want to attend.

Last but not least, look at the school itself. What kind of reputation does this institution have? Does it have accreditation? What have graduates of their master's and doctoral programs done with their degree? What is the school's mission, and does it fit with your personal values and views? Are all the courses on the internet, or do you have to go to campus for some of them?

Getting an accredited graduate degree online is the remarkable option for people in fields where it takes a graduate degree to advance professionally.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

3 Reasons That Encourage You To Earn An Accounting Degree Online

Are you interested to build your career in business field? And you are good in numbers and ever wonder how a payroll system and business taxes work. Then, career in accounting should be your option. You need to earn a qualification in accounting in order for you to kick start your accounting career and earning an accounting degree online is the easily path to achieve your career goal. Here are 3 keys that should encourage you to earn your accounting degree online.

1. Good Job Demand For Accountant

Survey result compiled by the National Association of Colleges and Employers shows that the estimates salary for an accountants range from $44,600 to $85,000. Good estimated income and the high demands for qualified and competent accounts especially in corporate world making the account degree one of the hot degrees being pursued by many online students. If you are excellent with numbers, are willing to put in long hours, and can work well under pressure, then you should select accounting as your career and earning your qualification through online accounting degree is the easiest path to achieve your career goal.

2. Paper Qualification is a must for a career in Accounting

Business world is the most competitive arena especially anything related to money. Hence, you need to have a good education based on accounting fields in order to be success in this career. Verbal qualification is never count; you need to have a degree in accounting to prove for your competency. Many online universities offer online accounting degree programs that you can select one to enroll and earn your accounting degree online. Just make sure you are enrolling to an online accounting program that is offered by a proper accredited online university or college.

3. Study At Your Own Schedule

This is the general advantage of online education where you can attend the online classes on your own schedule that fit into your own timeslot. Educational qualification and working experience are equally important to ensure a success in accounting fields. So, you can start to gain your working experience with a job that is related to accounting while you are in process of earning an accounting degree. Online accounting degree program allow you to do these two important tasks in the same time: while getting your degree in accounting, you are gaining some working experience in the related fields. It will makes you well prepared for the challenges in accounting fields after you graduate from online accounting degree.

In Summary

Building a career in accounting field needs educational qualification, your commitment to success in this field and a good working experience that is gained through your involvement in the field. Online accounting degree program enables you to simultaneously perform a job in accounting field to gain your working experience while getting your accounting degree online to accomplished your career goal.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Adult High School Diploma- Your Key to a Bright Future

The importance of a high school diploma or an adult high school diploma is something that cannot be overlooked. It is the judge of the integrity and intelligence of people in the United States. With a diploma, you are considered capable of being taught and have the potential to enter higher learning centers to become professionals. Without one, you are considered below average and will probably be stuck in a dead end job for the rest of your life.

For some people, through no fault of their own, a high school diploma is unattainable. There are many reasons for withdrawing from high school besides being incapable. Work or family might be the reasons many people have no choice but to do what they need to do.

A high school diploma can also open many doors for people who have earned them. It is a requirement for any type of higher learning. This includes vocational schools, trade schools, junior colleges, and universities. This means that in order to do whatever you wanted to do, you have no choice but to earn your diploma. A high school diploma, or adult high school diploma, is also required to apply for any government job. A government job is one that your paycheck is paid by the city, state, or federal government. Firefighters, police officers, meter readers, and librarians are all considered government jobs.

If the opportunity to graduate has passed you by, you still have the option to earn your adult high school diploma. An adult high school diploma is earned through an adult learning center that is accredited by government-recognized organizations.

If you are interested in earning your adult high school diploma, you can do it with This site offers accredited adult high school diplomas that can be earned at your own pace. In this program, there are absolutely no deadlines. This means you can turn in work at your pace on your busy schedule. You can better your career and your life through this program. Many students who have graduated have gone on to higher education schools, such as junior colleges and universities. Many students have also found themselves with better jobs after earning their adult high school education with Continental Academy.

Continental Academy is a distance education high school located in Miramar, Florida. We specialize in home study high school completion programs for students that are at least 16 years of age. At Continental Academy, students are our #1 priority. Our entire staff is committed to providing our students with the most enjoyable and successful learning experience possible. For more information on adult high school diploma, please go to or call 1-800-285-3514.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Online Degree Program Enables You To Realize Your Dream Without Losing Your Day Job

If you are like most of people on the earth, finding that your current career is not what you are dreamed for during your school time, but going back to school to make your dream come true will causes you lose your job. Then, you may consider earning a degree through online degree program and at the same time keeping your full time job. With the available of online degree program, you now have opportunity to achieve your career and lifestyle goals without the need to sacrificing each other.

Many prestige universities and colleges had offered their courses online and they cover almost every subject and every area that you could think off. Hence, you should be able to find a degree that can help you to realize your dream and achieve your ambition. Many people find that attending online classes from home and any location as long as it can access internet is very convenience, the flexible schedule enable you to plan and fit into your busy schedule. With a distance learning course, you can still work full time and fulfill family obligations, while attending class in your spare hours.

If you are not confidence with the online degree program or do not sure that online degree will best fit your schedule, you don't have to commit to it right away. Many online universities or universities that offer online degree programs normally have a demo class or a guest account that allow you to login into the system to experience yourself with the environment of online learning.

Choose An Online Degree Program

Once you have decided to earn your degree online, you need to make sure that you have the basic requirement of attending online classes: a dependable computer and speedy internet connection, these two are the basic fundamental tool for online education. Then, you have to make a slightly harder decision: which online degree program and from which online university that best suite my requirements and best fit you needs?

Luckily with the available of internet, you can find out everything online. Many online universities have their admission offers or academic advisers to stay online to answer your enquiries in real time. Furthermore, that are toll free contact number make available on every universities website, make use of it and call them to get your questions answered.

When you do a research on several online degree programs that offer classes you are interested in, make sure each program is accredited by a proper accreditation agency that is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. If you are unsure about the accreditation information provided by the school, always check it out at, the accreditation database brought to you by U.S. Department of Education's Office of Postsecondary Education. If the school is not in the list, beware of potential diploma mill.

In Summary

With the available of online degree program, you now can realize your dream and achieve your ambition that you set during your school time without affecting your current job.

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Friday, July 06, 2007

The 4 Major Misconceptions About Online Nursing Degrees

Nursing degree programs are among the most popular courses offer through online. The flexibility of learning schedules and taking the courses online from any locations are among the key booster that enabled the growth of the demands in nursing degrees. But, there are still some biases against the validity of online nursing degree programs, out of which the 4 major misconceptions regarding the same is discussed in this article.

1. Online Nursing Degrees Are Not Recognized.

The misconception might be caused by fake online nursing degree program that really damage the reputation of this degree. The fact is online nursing degree programs are recognized and is compatible with the traditional class-based nursing degree program as long as the online colleges or online universities that offer online nursing degree programs are properly accredited by any of the six regional accrediting bodies funded by the US Department of Education or any of the 52 recognized national accrediting bodies. Hence, the key factor is "accreditation". There are no differences at all with other traditional nursing degrees if you get an online nursing degree from a proper "accreditation" online nursing school.

2. Not Lab Work Need To Complete Online Nursing Degree Program.

Most of online nursing degree program required you to complete a certain hours of lab work in order to earn your nursing degree. In order to provide the flexibility to fit the busy working schedule of the online students, many online colleges will arrange their students to practical classes and lab works at their local area. Since practical lab works are very important to ensure the students are applied their knowledge learned from online classes to the actual fields, the lab work does need to be completed and verified by a licensed professional in the related fields.

3. Hospitals or Medical Centers Prefer Traditional Degrees Over Online Degrees

This may be true during the initial phase of online education program but situation is changing very rapidly. The demands of nursing degree programs increased, more and more working nurses or health care personals are looking for knowledge enhancement and qualification upgrades find online nursing degree programs fit their busy schedule.

Hospitals / medical centers find the advantage of online nursing degree programs enabled their stuffs to sharpen their expertise in the related fields without losing their employee headcounts due to the employees quit the job for earning a degree. Many recent surveys have shown that more and more hospitals or medical centers are offering tuition fee reimbursements to their stuffs if they complete their degree through an online nursing degree programs.

4. Hard to Get a Financial Aids If Taking An Online Degree Program

Students enrolled in online nursing degree programs are often eligible for the same types of scholarships and financial aid as students enrolled in traditional nursing degree programs. In fact, many online universities or colleges do offer a certain level of financial aids for their qualified online students. When you search for your online nursing degrees from any of online universities, look for "Financial Aids" button on the school website to find out what are the financial aids provided by the schools. "The American Association of Colleges of Nursing" is another resource for you to look for scholarships or financial aids for your online nursing degree program.

In Summary

While online nursing degree programs have gained their reputation and become equally compatible with traditional nursing degrees, many scams, diploma mill / fake degrees and rumors around are creating many misconceptions on online nursing degree programs. Hopefully this article will help to clear some of the major misconceptions.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Distance Learning Courses

Distance Learning or ‘Home Study’ has come a long way since Isaac Pitman taught shorthand via correspondence courses in the 1840s. However the huge benefits of studying from home, or from the workplace, remain the same.

First of all, with a Distance Learning course you enjoy the freedom of being able to study in your own time and at your own pace. That’s because Distance Learning courses are carefully designed to fit in with your life.

Whether you wish to improve your life, increase your job prospects or simply study a hobby that you are interested in, more and more people are choosing to study from home as it fits in comfortably with their lifestyle.

There are many fully-accredited Distance Learning providers in the UK today (type ‘distance learning’ ‘home study’ or ‘distance education’ into and you’ll find most of them), offering a huge range of interesting, educational courses available for study.

Distance Education courses available for home study can include anything from Airline Training to Art Studies, GCSEs to Book-keeping to Business & Management, Counseling to Child Care and Writing to Web Design. You will find courses on things like Wedding Planning and Event Management, Nail Technician, Animal Care and Behaviour…even courses such as Diet & Exercise, Forensic Science and How to Start Your Own Business. On some vocational courses you may even qualify for a career Development Loan from the government.

But you are not alone when you study from home. Distance Learning providers (or Home Learning agencies as they are sometimes called) employ professional student advisors and fully qualified tutors to mark and help you with your coursework. Most Home Study courses provide learners with an accredited diploma which helps them increase their job prospects, change their lifestyle or even start their own business.

Many Distance Learning providers offer interest free credit schemes to help students spread the cost over a period they can afford. Also look out for special discount offers.

Looking for a better job, a better future, a better life? Then take up a Distance Learning course today and change your life forever!

Course Author
Shaun L Bird

Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Facts You Should Know About Online Bachelors Degree

When you get bachelors degree online, your career will be really enhanced easily. There are some things for you to consider before you head out now to apply. First of all, you must research the college you want to attend in order to know if its giving an online degree that is accredited. Colleges and universities are accredited by either the state or national bodies. Accreditation of schools means that its curriculum and course work has been by a board of education to be up to set down standards. The next thing you must find out is if the school is popular and whether it allows for transfer of its bachelors degree. This will be needed when you are studying for your master degree and will need to transfer your bachelors degree credits.

The requirement for earning a bachelors degree from any accredited university is at least a high school diploma or a G.E.D. If you’ve got some college or previous work experience, you can be considered as well. A previous college credits can be applied toward your bachelors degree program to which will shorten the length of time you will be using for the program. It will take you up to three years to complete the bachelors degree program in the absence of previous college credits. This will hold for an individual that takes at least twenty hours of work per week.

With prior college credit or having more course work within a week, some individuals are quite capable of completing the bachelors degree online program within 365 days. Knowing the type of degree program you need, will help you determine which college or university to register with. Some colleges offer these programs while many others specialize in different fields. You should examine the class schedule once you’ve chosen your bachelors degree online program.

For some online programs, the course work can be downloaded and complete anytime, others require you to join the virtual classroom a particular time during the week.

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