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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Earn Your Degree Online

It is incredible how entrepreneurship has transformed the education sector forcing rapid changes in the education sector and forcing education level to go up. The most admirable thing being that, the rapid growth and change is attributed to an increase in the labor market demands. The context of business, management, nursing or engineering has significantly imbued millions of graduates across the world. Most are extremely optimistic that their passion and skills in these faculties will reward them handsomely with well paying jobs and a long-term commitment to a career. High qualifications are vast subject. This means there are various specialties in these subjects. As such institutions ask students looking forward to pursue a career in these degree programs to choose from which they want they to specialize in.

How does one go ahead and earn a degree online? This is a process which requires both a keen observation on the relevant course material and the college offering the course. Also, it requires one to be ready to commit to the studies so as to achieve the specified goals. Once one is sure of what he deems as the most essential benchmark initiatives on this you can go ahead and enroll for the program. Once your course fee has been received and accepted, a payment confirmation is sent to you. From this point you are given access to the online library facilities and other online facilities which you'll want to have access to. This way you are in the process of earning your degree online. Successful completion guarantees you a certificate to prove that you have achieved your distinction and that you are qualified as per the certificate.

Earning you degree online provides you with the most essential tools that guarantee you a place in the job market. Your application is viewed quite positively by employers making you stand in good stead when it comes to job opportunities. Also the degree allows you to continue with your studies or even your work schedule due to their flexibility and convenience nature. You will be surprised by the immense value an online degree will offer you.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How to Make Education Online More Effective

A new article by Jonathan Wainright, of FCG Consultancy, was published yesterday highlighting certain methods to ensure that modern e-learning is operated and works as effectively as possible. For many years writers have been striving to understand how online courses can achieve what they set out to do - to equal that of traditional courses in a virtual context. By comparing the writings of Leonard Presby (from William Paterson University) in 2001, and Wainright's article, how can education online be made more effective today?

First, it is important to note that Wainright's influence stems from questions posed by The Chartered Institute of Personnel Development. They found that of the UK organisations surveyed, they believe less than 25% of employees take up any eLearning opportunities offered to them. Whilst 95% of respondents believe that eLearning is most effective when combined with other forms of learning.

In 2001 Presby published his Seven Tips for Highly Effective Online Courses. His first point is echoed by Wainright today and is impressive for its simplicity: Choice, 'Students should be given choice as to how they learn, as long as they learn'. Wainright goes into slightly more depth. He states, 'it should be learner-centric, giving individuals control over their learning experience. eLearning should be flexible so that learners can choose when and how to engage with it. It should also accommodate individual learning needs and you must make sure it has visual impact.'

Presby's second point seems less important today but its subtext is still relevant. He highlights the need to keep compulsory reading up to date, and recognizes that text books can often be out of date. With the progressive importance of the internet and digital news media, it would seem today that its synchronization with online education would be more natural. Yet, of course only fully realized if Presby's last related idea is adhered to - that students should be tested on this most up to date information.

A specific modern idea that Wainright poses is the notion that the organization of the modern day online course should be as continually improved as the achievements of the students. This 'evolutionary stance' is important for the future of the course, and stimulates an equal - and close - interrelationship between student and institution.

Lastly, as if building upon Presby's tip that students should be offered the opportunity for virtual company tours (to satisfy their thirst to see how things work up close), Wainright recommends the inclusion of a learning portal. This can add an instant link to resources and discussion groups, as well as diagnostic elements for students (i.e. a learning pathway to track development), and a means for chatting, blogging, social networking and podcasting.

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Online MBA Courses

The MBA has long been a highly sought after degree. It is seen as a ticket to corporate and/or business success. Over the years the MBA has taken on many variations. For example, you can get an MBA with any number of specializations, such as Health care, Human Resources Technology Management, etc. Today there are many online MBA programs that allow the ultimate in flexibility and convenience for continuing education. These programs also known as distance learning programs provide an opportunity for people to earn an advanced degree who might never otherwise have the opportunity.

On line MBA courses have become very popular in the last several years. There are now many accredited courses online that are now widely accepted by employers and many of the traditional business schools offer on line programs. If you are considering an on line MBA program make sure that it is an accredited program so that it will be accepted by employers. Also accredited programs are eligible for financial aid scholarships and federal student loans. Make sure you do your home work before beginning an on line MBA course.

Generally, there are two types of MBA courses: Scheduled classes and "learn as you go". With the scheduled class format you meet online at a scheduled time through a chat room or similar setting. This type of format allows for more interaction with the instructor and students and provides a little more of the traditional structure. The "learn as you go" format provides more freedom to set your schedule but you miss the group interaction. Also, some programs require some time on campus which will result in related costs. There are programs to suite every schedule.

Advantages of online MBA Courses

There are two main advantages to online MBA programs: First, is the flexibility to fit the course work into your schedule. This is a great benefit for people with full time jobs and small children or other family members to care for at home. This allows many people the opportunity to advance their education that would not otherwise be able to. Second, is the affordability, while they are not cheap on line courses are considerably less expensive that traditional programs and many have helpful payment plans. Most on line courses have a wide variety of majors so there should be no problem finding what you want to study.

Online MBA courses are not for everyone there are some skills needed. You must be discipline and be self motivated, and have good time management skills. Some people just need the structure of a traditional brick and mortar program. Also the lack of interaction with the other students and faculty means you will likely not build strong relationships like you would in a classroom on campus setting. Also, some employers may not recognize the online MBA as readily as they would a traditional MBA although this attitude is quickly fading.

New MBA programs are great for people who need the flexibility and the affordability that only an online MBA degree program can provide.

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