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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Every Course Under The Sun - The Course Options Associated With Online Degrees

Online courses and degrees have received bad press since they first appeared on our computer screens shortly after the launch of the World Wide Web. A lot of it has been unjustified because a large portion of society just dismisses them as easy qualifications that individuals can obtain with very little effort or sacrifice. Of course, that is simply not true and a persistent campaign by accredited schools has begun to change the general attitude of society. That has actually brought a wider range of online courses to choose from for those individuals looking for an online degree course from an accredited school. There is pretty much no course in existence that you cannot find via an online school.

The most popular online degree courses from accredited schools can be found almost anywhere. Nursing, information technology, law, business management and administration and criminal justice are all popular online courses and are in great demand. You can apply for these kinds of online degree courses from accredited schools within the United States or abroad. That, after all is the beauty of online courses – you are not restricted by the financial boundaries of institutions. It is one flat cost for every student, wherever they call home.

There are also a number of course options in the humanities and arts departments, although online institutions usually specialize in these subjects if they offer them. For example, the Art Institute only offers online courses related to the arts (as per the name). Online degree courses from this accredited school are comprehensive and tutored by working professionals rather than education professionals to give a more hands on and real world feel. This works well for them because only a working professional would be qualified to teach visual graphics.

A little research into the world of online courses will alert you to the fact that no two courses are exactly the same. A business degree offered by one online institution will be completely different to a degree with the same name that is offered at another institution. You just have to find the right one for you. Course requirements also differ but are very specific so that individuals with similar educational and working backgrounds can be grouped together on one online degree course by an accredited school to make sure that tuition is consistent. This makes it easier for an instructor to tutor distance learning students.

Whatever you are looking for in an online course, you will find it with a little research. The range of options offered to students in the form of online degree courses from accredited schools is immense. It will leave you completely breathless, if a little confused! Just pay close attention to course descriptions and ask questions. They are the only two ways to make the right decision about your future.

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Friday, May 25, 2007

The importance of getting a life experience degree

There can always be debate about the importance of work experience against academic qualification. Some people will debate in the favor of experience while others will vouch for degrees. The fact of the matter is when you are looking for someone you need to work with you give preference to the one with experience rather then the academic qualification. On the other hand when it comes to promotion there should be necessary academic background before giving the candidate the nod. So it can be said that if you have experience in the field coupled with a degree you are sure to excel in your field.

Problems with getting a conventional degree
The problem that you will face in getting a degree is that you would either have to leave your current work to pursue your education or do both things simultaneously in both cases your career suffers. Online universities like Ashwood University, Rochville University or Belford University have come up with a solution for this problem. Ashwood University provides you with degrees in accordance with your experience in the field that you work in i.e. administration.

What do online universities do?
In the case of most online universities you would have to study taking online classes and then submitting the assignments given. How Ashwood is different from these universities is that it provides you with degree by evaluating your experience and hence you don't have to give test or study for that matter

Online universities like Ashwood evaluate your work documents, experience letters, trainings and other related documents to analyze if you qualify for a degree. If you do it you get a degree from Ashwood University.

Career growth
When you will have the degree along with your experience you will jump your career ladders easily. Getting a degree from an accredited university like Ashwood would naturally help.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Online Master's Degrees - Is Grad School Right For You?

An online master's degree is an attractive option for many professional people in middle of their careers. Master's degree programs with a focus on work-related skills continue to be popular, and qualifications like these are highly desirable, if not essential, for some jobs in engineering, counseling, nursing and many other fields.

In almost any profession, keeping up to date with modern technology and new practices can be a challenge. That's just one reason why many experienced employees recognize that learning has become a lifelong process.

Online colleges and campus based institutions have been quick to respond prospective students' hunger for graduate level professional education. New courses are being developed that match applied components and practical work experience with training in subject theory.

Are you thinking that an online master's degree course could help you take your career to the next level? If so, it's important to have clear goals and answer some pertinent questions about your own motives as well as what an online college can offer you.

1. Will you respond well to an online learning environment?

Prospective students are often drawn to online education for the independence and flexibility it offers. But success in this style of learning calls for high levels of motivation and strong organizational abilities. These may already be part of your skill set, especially if you're a seasoned professional.

2. Can a master's degree help you to achieve your goals?

Going to grad school is a major investment of time as well as money -- so make sure you have a plan of what you want to achieve before you commit to a program. You may be in a career which already places a premium on graduate qualifications. But in some fields a graduate degree does not automatically translate into a higher salary or a promotion.

3. Do you know enough about the school?

Doing proper research before you enroll is essential. Make sure that you find out whether the college and program are accredited. Check on the status of accrediting agency as well. In the US, you can find out about the accreditation of schools by visiting the US Department of Education's website.

You should also learn about the way the course will be taught. Some online classes are 'asynchronous' and allow you to set your own study schedule within a specific time frame. Other 'synchronous' classes may be taught in real time and require you to attend class on a fixed timetable. You may also have to attend residential courses on campus, even if the rest of your program is taught by distance learning.

Other important considerations might include what limits there are on class sizes, what student support is offered and what equipment and resources you will need to interact effectively with teachers and fellow students.

Your dedication and determination will be central to making a success of grad school, along with the support of family, friends and employers. The advent of online master's degree programs offers new opportunities to achieve your higher education ambitions.

Would you like to learn more about master's degree online programs?

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Welcome To The World Of Online Associate Degrees - Information And Courses

When you think of a college education, you immediately think of bachelor degrees. The majority of society actually knows very little about the degree system and tends to band the options offered for post-high school education together. However, taking a bachelor is not the only option as a first rung on the ladder of high education. You can opt to take an associate degree online as an alternative to a bachelor degree. An online associate degree education differs greatly from a bachelor degree in a number of key areas, and the purpose of this article is to show you that difference.

Associate degrees online are marketed as two-year courses, which is markedly different to bachelor degrees because they are usually expected to last four years. However, it is possible to complete both degree programs in a much shorter period of time if you take them online and demonstrate sheer hard work and dedication to your education. Taking an associate degree online can be useful if you are unsure of the direction that you want to take in life and are not set on one specific career path. In effect, getting an online associate degree education is the equivalent of taking a community college degree and can always be used as a foundation for a bachelor degree at a later date.

If you take a bachelor degree then you either earn the title of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science. Associate degrees online work in exactly the same way. You can achieve an AA (Associate of Arts) or an AAS (Associate of Applied Sciences). Within these boundaries, the choice of online associate degree education is immense. There are thousands of associate degrees online just waiting for your application. They are all designed to provide a foundation in general education but provide specialization in a certain subject in your second year. Some of the best associate degrees online are listed below:

1. AA Liberal Arts – Saint Leo University Online
2. AA General Studies – University of Phoenix
3. AAS Criminal Justice Technology – ECPI College Of Technology
4. AA Early Childhood Education – Penn Foster Schools
5. Associate’s Homeland Security – FMU Online
6. AAS PC Maintenance Technology – Penn Foster Schools
7. AAS Criminal Justice/Corrections – Kaplan University
8. AAS Health Information Technology – DeVry University

The eight courses listed above are just samples of the many associate degrees online and serve to highlight the choices available. There is something for everyone under the heading of associate’s degree and all of the major colleges and universities offer them. All you have to do now is find the right one for you!

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Monday, May 07, 2007

Distance Learning- How About Obtaining A Masters Degree?

It might come as a surprise to many people to learn that you can obtain a masters degree through distance learning. Part of the explanation for this view can be found in the confusion over the structure of many graduate programs, and the motivation that people have for entering them.

Very often, due to changes in the work environment, or just through the desire to learn more about a particular aspect of their field, people who have completed an undergraduate education, perhaps many years before, seek the opportunity to continue their formal education, thereby obtaining a higher level credential. This holds true, particularly for people in education and business, where new knowledge, new methods, and new opportunities for advancement are constantly emerging.

For example, teachers, who want to become department heads or qualify for positions as vice-principals and principals, need to obtain a graduate-level diploma in order to be considered for promotion. Similarly, managers and junior executives in the business world, with their eyes set on controlling large corporate interests, want to ensure that they acquire a broad and yet solid knowledge base to complement the skills and experience they have accumulated in the so-called real world.

In these instances, obtaining a masters degree tends to be based on the completion of set number of courses, and thus these programs can be readily offered through a distance learning format. At the same time however, graduate education can also serve to enhance and build upon an individual's knowledge of a particular academic subject area.

In these cases, it is common for there to be a thesis or major research paper component that forms the bulk of the program, thus providing extensive opportunity for students to acquire advanced research and writing skills that might prepare them for doctoral programs or serve as a means of signaling special expertise within their field.

While this type of masters degree might appear less suitable for the distance learning format, advances in communication technology, especially interactive video-conferencing and high speed internet access to library databases and electronic journal collections, have gone a long way to facilitating these programs. Regardless of the type of program desired, or the individual motivation for obtaining the credential, several universities are responding to the demand.

In fact, as the popularity of obtaining a graduate education in this way increases, many distinguished universities and specialized institutions are beginning to offer masters degree programs through distance learning. They know that students from around the world, who would easily qualify for admission into their regular full-time graduate programs, might not be able to study on site. However, they recognize that these students would greatly benefit from the opportunity to learn from internationally renowned faculty, and obtain an internationally recognized credential.

Similarly, there are certain programs that are only offered at a limited number of institutions around the world, and distance learning provides a means for students from various countries to obtain a masters degree in these specialty areas, thus serving to enhance the reputations of both parties.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Studying Online

In today’s fast paced world it is not possible for professionals to study and continue working at the same time. Studies suggest that the people who study and work together lose their edge in one or both things. This is partly because of the challenge of doing two jobs at a time and secondly having to physically manage to be in two separate sets of environments take toll on both body and mind. There was the need for mobile and flexible study programs that could provide education to students and working professionals, this lead to the idea of the online universities. These universities enabled people who couldn’t study in a normal university (for whatever reason) to study at home in the office using computers. Online education is also fairly economical hence almost anybody can afford it.

Online universities like Rochville, Ashwood, Walden and Capella provide courses to its students in one hundred and fifty different fields of study. These Universities are good option to working individuals as they offer studying credit hours for work experience in the relevant field thus ensuring that your experience does get recognized.

These Universities provide degrees in various fields like Biochemistry, Bio physics, Electrical engineering, Fine arts, and Aerospace engineering etc. So if you are looking to pursue art or want to do your doctorate in math (like John Nash in the beautiful mind) all you have to do is type the name of the university that you want to graduate from and pursue it. The philosophy of online Universities is to provide education to anyone who is deprived of it irrespective of age, sex and cast. The popularity of online universities is on the increase and facts and figures suggest that every year there is almost 15% increase in the students who study online. This is a massive figure since the students that are currently online students are in millions. Rochville University alone has a student base of more then 50000 per year. The greatest thing about online studying is that not only are the degrees programming very inexpensive but also that the student can pay as you study bases. This means that you can pay in easy installments so that it isn’t heavy on your pocket.

Online studying is a good option that you can practice in order to boost your career growth. It is important that you choose an accredited university or else you might end up losing a bundle of cash for a worthless degree.

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