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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Studying Online

In today’s fast paced world it is not possible for professionals to study and continue working at the same time. Studies suggest that the people who study and work together lose their edge in one or both things. This is partly because of the challenge of doing two jobs at a time and secondly having to physically manage to be in two separate sets of environments take toll on both body and mind. There was the need for mobile and flexible study programs that could provide education to students and working professionals, this lead to the idea of the online universities. These universities enabled people who couldn’t study in a normal university (for whatever reason) to study at home in the office using computers. Online education is also fairly economical hence almost anybody can afford it.

Online universities like Rochville, Ashwood, Walden and Capella provide courses to its students in one hundred and fifty different fields of study. These Universities are good option to working individuals as they offer studying credit hours for work experience in the relevant field thus ensuring that your experience does get recognized.

These Universities provide degrees in various fields like Biochemistry, Bio physics, Electrical engineering, Fine arts, and Aerospace engineering etc. So if you are looking to pursue art or want to do your doctorate in math (like John Nash in the beautiful mind) all you have to do is type the name of the university that you want to graduate from and pursue it. The philosophy of online Universities is to provide education to anyone who is deprived of it irrespective of age, sex and cast. The popularity of online universities is on the increase and facts and figures suggest that every year there is almost 15% increase in the students who study online. This is a massive figure since the students that are currently online students are in millions. Rochville University alone has a student base of more then 50000 per year. The greatest thing about online studying is that not only are the degrees programming very inexpensive but also that the student can pay as you study bases. This means that you can pay in easy installments so that it isn’t heavy on your pocket.

Online studying is a good option that you can practice in order to boost your career growth. It is important that you choose an accredited university or else you might end up losing a bundle of cash for a worthless degree.

Harris Jhosta is well known in education field. He is doing research on online education. Harris Jhosta wrote many articles to highlight online universities to provide help to online students.

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