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Friday, May 25, 2007

The importance of getting a life experience degree

There can always be debate about the importance of work experience against academic qualification. Some people will debate in the favor of experience while others will vouch for degrees. The fact of the matter is when you are looking for someone you need to work with you give preference to the one with experience rather then the academic qualification. On the other hand when it comes to promotion there should be necessary academic background before giving the candidate the nod. So it can be said that if you have experience in the field coupled with a degree you are sure to excel in your field.

Problems with getting a conventional degree
The problem that you will face in getting a degree is that you would either have to leave your current work to pursue your education or do both things simultaneously in both cases your career suffers. Online universities like Ashwood University, Rochville University or Belford University have come up with a solution for this problem. Ashwood University provides you with degrees in accordance with your experience in the field that you work in i.e. administration.

What do online universities do?
In the case of most online universities you would have to study taking online classes and then submitting the assignments given. How Ashwood is different from these universities is that it provides you with degree by evaluating your experience and hence you don't have to give test or study for that matter

Online universities like Ashwood evaluate your work documents, experience letters, trainings and other related documents to analyze if you qualify for a degree. If you do it you get a degree from Ashwood University.

Career growth
When you will have the degree along with your experience you will jump your career ladders easily. Getting a degree from an accredited university like Ashwood would naturally help.

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