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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pursuing An Adult Online University Degree

Importance Of An Online Education

After assessing the level of success you can achieve, you should be more than eager to pursue your studies. The confidence that accompanies the thought of a college graduation is enough to motivate anyone to enroll online for one of the many university degrees. A university degree can assist you to access good positions that offer attractive compensation and job satisfaction. Education helps you to gain an extra edge with his employers and helps you to be able to earn enough to make a good living.

Why An Online Education

Working adults who want to acquire a university or college degree and yet continue with their day-to-day work can pursue an education online. Today, many good universities and colleges offer online education. By simply entering a search for university degrees available online, a list of institutions offering online degree courses from basic degrees to MBAs and even doctorate PhDs are available.

For adults who are working, taking time off for classroom sessions is unfeasible. This may be the reason why many adults, stressed out by their responsibilities, are deprived of pursuing a good education. By providing tutorials and lessons online, colleges and universities are able to serve these adult students.

Since most famous universities provide long distance online courses, now people can simply log on the Internet, contact these universities and begin taking courses immediately. This convenience makes earning a degree affordable and less time-consuming, since the courses provided by these universities do not require coming to campus for questions, classes and exams. Besides this, most online universities provide their long distance students the same standard of education, curriculum, faculty and resources, as offered on their college campuses.

Advantages Of An Online Education

Many online universities offer underprivileged students financial assistance and even flexible payment plans. You can check with the university your preference about the various categories of financial aid available. One of the major advantages of acquiring a degree online is the flexibility of study time. Now, a person can study without wasting quality time, since there are no time targets for lessons, tutorials and projects. The examinations held are open book examinations that can be given with the help of textbooks, research papers and guidance from seniors. Online universities also provide their candidates with the luxury to take these online courses at the time and place most suitable to them. All students need is a computer, a good communication device that is either online or offline and a good, reliable Internet connection, preferably broadband.

Online universities also provide several opportunities to interact with other professional teachers to discuss theories, debate issues and to learn from their experiences. No matter what the degree course a person may have applied for, these instructors are equipped to provide guidance and feedback on their progress.

Tony Jacowski is a quality analyst for The MBA Journal. Aveta Solutions - Six Sigma Online ( ) offers online six sigma training and certification classes for lean six sigma, black belts, green belts, and yellow belts.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How to Successfully Complete Your Online Degree Program

Online education has become so popular especially among working adults to earn as many degrees as they like to help bringing their career to next higher level without the need to quit their current job or interrupting their current lifestyle. The advantages of online education have made it the best option for you to pursue your career related degree online, but the question is: are you the right candidate to be an online student? Before you even consider pursuing your degree online, this is the first question you need to consider and here are some guides to help you find your answer.

Try to evaluate yourself whether you have mindsets or behaviors below:

1. You think pursuing a degree online is easy

Online education has advantages of flexibility to plan your learning schedule and convenient because you can attend the online classes from your comfort home. But, it does not as easy as you think because your need to manage your time between your work, family and study. In many time, you may lose focus on your study if you are too busy with your works or you are unable to mange your time probably to allocate enough time for your study. If you are in this situation, your priority on work and family may cause you to drop or delay your degree program.

If you decide to pursue your degree online, you must be prepared to face the challenge during the online learning process and be consistent to stay in focus on your online learning.

2. You have less self-motivation

Online education allows you to study at your own pace, which means that you must be self-motivated to plan your learning schedule and push yourself until your complete the whole program. If you are a kind of person that prefers motivation from other persons to push you to complete a certain task, then, you might be at risk of potentially unable to complete your online degree program.

If online degree program is your ultimate option, then your need to change your behavior meet online student characteristics, or you can get help from your family members especially your spouse as your mentor to motivate you along your online learning process.

3. You Prefer To Listen to the Lecture

In the traditional campus-based classes, when a lecturer is teaching, you are listening to it. If you are comfort to this learning environment, then you might have problem to adapt to new online learning media. Although, there are material in audio or video format, but most of online learning materials are still in text formats which require you to read it instead of listen to it. You must adapt to this learning environment if you want to success in your online learning.

4. You Prefer Face-To-Face Communication

Online chats and discussion forums are the key communication media for online learning. If you are not comfortable to discuss or ask questions through these media, then, you might have difficulties to convey your questions if you face any problem during online learning process. Although, there are some learning and discussion sessions may involve video conferencing, but you still need to familiarize and adapt yourself with the key communication channels which are mainly text format.


If you find yourself have thinking and behavior above, you may face problem in becoming a success online student to complete your online degree program. What you can do if you are deciding to earn your degree through online education is change your behaviors and mindset so that you are integrated with the success characteristics of an online student and earn your degree finally.

Amelia Turner, an educational article writer for You can find more details information and free resources about online degree programs, about how to success as online student, financial aids and other accredited online education programs that can help you to make decision to earn your degree online.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Online Degree Programs Require Self Discipline

Online degree programs are growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. In fact, by 2008 it is estimated that one in ten college students will be enrolled at least part-time in online coursework. It sounds great; flexibility, lower costs and the chance to attend class in the comfort of your own home. However, it takes a special kind of student to really make an online education work.

People sign up for online degree programs for a variety of reasons. They may already have a job, they may have a disability or a transportation problem, or they may simply want to save some money. Online colleges are less expensive than their bricks and mortar counterparts. One thing most people have in common is that they understand the allure of working on your schoolwork at your own pace in your own environment. There is, however, a down side to the self-paced style of online degree programs. Although they are more flexible, most have time limits on specific projects and on the amount of time allowed to finish your required courses. Being successful in an online college program requires self-discipline and determination.

There are several things you should do when you enroll in an online degree program to make sure you don't fall behind or lose track of your progress. Most of them are relatively easy to implement, but a surprising number of students don't think about them until they've run into trouble with their classes.

When you receive your course assignments and class schedules, mark down everything on your calendar. This includes scheduled times to log into class sessions, due dates for assignments and when you will be taking online exams. Post a copy of your calendar next to your desk so that you can glance at it any time you want without having to boot up your computer. This will get you in the habit of glancing at it before you go out, etc. to refresh your memory of important dates.

Have a clearly designated area in which to work. It is best if you have a desk to work from. If you don't, carve out some space somewhere for your computer, your study materials and other supplies. Use this area only for studying so that you see it as your classroom and aren't tempted to waste away valuable time on activities that will distract you. Habitually studying in the same area will get you in the proper mindset for your work.

Set aside specific times and dates for studying and writing papers. Ideally, you should set aside several hours each week that are specifically for your homework. Make the time a priority and mark it on your calendar in ink so that you can't change it. And don't reschedule your time unless a true emergency has come up.

Save everything. Back up your computer. Print out if you feel it's a good idea. Online instructors aren't happy accepting excuses like a hard drive has crashed when assignments are due. Back up all of your work, and make hard copies as well. In fact, hard copies of your papers are a great way to proof read your work as things look different on paper, and you may catch some mistakes you'd otherwise miss.

Allow quiet time for your schoolwork. Let your friends and family know that you don't want visitors and won't take phone calls during not only scheduled online class times, but during your study hours. Time can slip away and leave you with unfinished work if you chat during your homework time.

If you use these simple study aids, you'll be successful in your classes and soon be the proud recipient of a degree from your online degree program. Good luck!

Andy West is a writer for Virginia College. Virginia College Online offers many Online Degree programs. Visit Virginia College Online at to select the online program that is right for you.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Earn An Online College Degree Through An Accredited School

Information technology has made it easy for students to earn an online degree. Now you can pursue course in your favorite stream through internet. There are numerous colleges available on internet. One can say that every accredited university is going online for awarding college degrees in various studies.

Advantages of an online college degree

An online course can bring in many advantages to students. Some of the advantages are listed below.

* An online course will make you eligible for higher studies such as Masters and PhD degree.

* You can get lucrative job offers, increments and promotions with an online degree.

* Students spent less time in pursuing an online college course than a traditional one. They can use the spare time in their personal development or working part time.

* Students can earn an online degree with the speed they feel comfortable. You can complete your course in four years. Laborious students can even earn a degree in merely eighteen months.

* Students pursuing an online college course are at liberty to attend classes. You can attend an online class in weekend or any time your feel free.

* Liberty in attending classes gives students enough time to understand the concepts better.

* Online college courses are recognized by employers and you become at par with other students, who have graduated in traditional way.

The advantages of an online college degree run parallel with the advantages of a traditional college degree.

Popular online college degree courses

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is the most popular of courses available on internet. This is post globalization effect. Masters of Business Administration course makes you eligible for global postings. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is second most preferred of college courses among high school graduates. Engineering students too can earn a college degree through internet in Software Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering or Electrical Engineering. Medical students can pursue specialize medical courses from accredited online universities. An online course in Law will make you eligible for becoming a magistrate.

Jobs for an online college degree holder

Chief Executive Officer, Manger, Executive Engineer, Doctor, Legal Advisor, Teacher, Lecturer, Professor, Researcher, Supervisor are some of the jobs available for a college degree holder. Employers give increments and promotions to their employees, who sharpen their skills by earning a degree. Job seekers can enlarge their search for a lucrative job by earning college degrees.

What is new in an online college degree?

Enrolling in an online course is much easier than enrolling in a traditional college course. Online universities enroll students for various courses throughout the year and round the clock. It is not the case with traditional universities. Students have to wait for a semester end for enrollment in a traditional university. and other such universities available on internet offer cost effective courses. You can browse different web pages for selecting cost effective courses.

Online university degree is the topic of my next article. I will explain the role of online universities in awarding degrees in my next article.

Arun Lakhera is a professional journalist and copy-writer. He writes on education related topics for Follow this link to find out all new online courses.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Online University Degree and Why You Need One

There are many people who get an online university degree these days. The Internet has permeated to every aspect of our lives, and that includes our education.

The reasons that people want to get an online university degree vary widely from person to person. Some feel that their lives are just so busy that it would be impossible for them to attend classes in a traditional way.

That is why the Internet is so great. You can sit at your computer in your pajamas and earn an online university degree! There is no need to put your life on hold while you further your education.

Advanced degrees are practically essential these days. Where a high school degree would land you a good job a couple of decades ago, most careers now require a bachelors degree or higher. There is no better way to prove yourself to employers than to get an online university degree.

Even well established universities are getting in on the action. Almost two thirds of brick and mortar institutions now have fully online university degrees. They are noticing the trend of people wanting to learn from the comfort of their home, or in their spare time at work.

You may want to look into getting your online university degree from one of these well-established universities. There are some employers who are not quite with the times and are a bit wary of online degrees. Once they see a recognizable name attached to your degree, they will be a lot more likely to respond favorably to your application.

The first thing you'll need to do when you're considering getting an online university degree, is to choose your focus of study. There is an online program out there for nearly any degree you'd want to pursue!

That's one of the great things about the Internet, even if the physical school is located very far away, you can still take advantage of their program. You can find degrees in business, nursing, law, criminal justice, writing, and many more. The possibilities for furthering your career are truly endless. Always consider the reputation of the online university degree program. There are definitely schools that are better than others. You will be paying a lot of money for your education so you'll definitely want to take a look at what is out there before you make any kind of decision.

One important thing you'll need to make sure of is that the online university degree program is regionally accredited. A regional accreditation is recognized by other universities and looked more favorably upon by employers. You never know what may happen in the future and if you'll need to transfer your credit. It would be a shame to lose all of the hard work you did for your online university degree.

After you've made sure you have found a great program you'll need to work very hard. At first glance it can seem like getting an online university degree is a piece of cake. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to maintain your focus when you're calling the shots. If you know that you do better with constant supervision and person-to-person encouragement, you may want to look into a more traditional setting

For the majority of people, earning an online university degree will be the best way to fit a quality education into a very busy lifestyle. Even if you are unsure of your ability to focus on your own, there are many counselors and advisors the college will provide you with.

Not only can an appointed advisor help you focus on your online university degree, they can help you choose the best program for you right off the bat. Make sure that the online university you're considering has such support programs in place.

Getting an online university degree is a superior way to save time while still getting the best education you can get. Make sure that you are signing up with a reputable university so that other schools and employers will recognize your efforts. Always remember to maintain your focus, and get help when you need it to succeed beyond your wildest dreams!

Find accredited online degree programs and top online colleges by using our top ranked online college directory. Find reputable online schools and start your online degree fast and easily.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

How to Select Online Degree Program for Your Human Services Career

The field of human services is so broad, it allows for almost limitless career opportunities in providing services to those in need. If you are planning to make a success career in human services field, your career future is almost guaranteed. There are many human services related degrees offered online and you can utilize the advantages of online education to earn a degree to enable you to kick start your human services career. Here are some tips to guide you in selecting the related human services online degree program that is inline with your career goal.

Before you start searching for any online degree program, the first question you need to ask yourself is what area of human services you are interested to start your career with. The field of human services is so broad; some areas need specialty of knowledge and skills such as psychology and counseling while other may just need a more general education qualification for you to start your human services career.

Common human services careers and their related online degree programs are:

1. Careers in Social Work

Social works involves helping people to regain and/or improve their ability to live happily and successfully. In addition, some social works may also include helping individuals, families and community groups to shape their society so that they can achieve their goals.

The famous online universities that offer social work online degree programs are:

* Walden University offers online Ph.D. in Human Services with Specialization in Clinical Social Work that prepares you with the required knowledge on public services.

* Bellevue University offers online Bachelor Degree in Human & Social Services Administration, a degree focus on internal and external operation of non-profit organization.

* Capella University offers both master and doctorate degree programs in human services. A bachelor degree in human services will enrich your professional knowledge on human services while a doctorate degree advanced your knowledge and leadership skills to prepare you for a managerial position.

2. Careers in Counseling

Counseling is a career designed to prevent, diagnose and treat mental, emotional, physical or behavioral disorders. As a professional counselor, among your jobs are helping people overcome a specific crisis and/or problem and help them to develop goals and objectives that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Most universities offered online master and doctorate degree in counseling as most counseling jobs required a minimum of master degree for qualification. If you are interested in pursuing a counseling degree online, these are accredited online universities that offered related online counseling degrees:

* Walden University offers bachelor degree for mental health counseling degree and doctorate in counseling psychology.

* University of Phoenix offers various master degrees in counseling with specialization in marriage, family and child therapy, community counseling, mental counseling and school counseling.

3. Careers in Psychology

For those who are interested to pursue a career in psychology, you have over 20 different specialties to choose from. However, majority of students tend to lean toward careers in clinical, counseling, and school psychology. In term of education requirement for career in psychology, most states require you to have a minimum of master degree in psychology but if you are holding a Ph.D degree, you will have advantages over the other competitors with more options in starting your career in this competitive field.

Popular online psychology degree programs offered by prestigious universities include:

* Walden University offers various online Ph.D in psychology with specialization in Educational Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Health Psychology, Organizational Psychology and School Psychology.

* Capella University offers both master and doctorate degree in psychology. Besides covering those popular online psychology degree programs offered by many of online universities, Capella University does offer Sport Psychology program for those students who are interested to pursue their psychology career in sport related fields.


The field of human services offers the prestige of an established profession, a wide range of interesting duties, a good financial opportunities and career satisfaction. There are many different specialties of online degree program offered for human services careers for you to choose from, what you need to do is select one that is inline with your career goal.

Amelia Turner, an educational article writer for You can find more details information and free resources about human services careers, online psychology degree, financial aids and other accredited online education programs that can help you to make decision to earn your degree online.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Online Degrees in Construction Management

Getting your online degree in construction management may be much easier than you think. If you are ready to enhance your career opportunities and are interested in construction management jobs, an online degree in construction management can be achieved on a very flexible schedule that works for you and your time commitments. You can take classes at night and on the weekends and complete tests online when it works for you - all in the comfort of your own home. You can even specialize your online degree in construction management by selecting construction management courses focused on topics like financial management, site planning, contract administration, cost estimating and engineering or architectural sciences.

Construction project management has become an increasingly popular career choice for those graduating from college today. This is partly because the industry has started to recognize how invaluable solid project management for construction sites is - especially considering the growing complexity of major construction projects and the many laws that must be taken into account. The people who are hired into construction management jobs are ultimately responsible for the entire project's success or failure, which is why the not only requires a specialized degree, but also exceptional interpersonal communication and management skills.

Although these types of jobs can be complicated, they also have a fairly high level of compensation. A traditional or online degree in construction management can help qualify you for positions that pay as much as $63,000 per year, which was the industry average for those jobs in 2002. When you couple that with on-the-job construction management training, your earnings potential can increase dramatically as you move up the company ladder into higher-level positions. To help fast track your career, you could also search out a part-time apprenticeship or internship while you are still working toward your online degree in construction management.

If you are ready to start your search for the best undergraduate program offering an online degree in construction management, you can start by researching what online universities offer variations of the degree. One important piece of criteria is that the school you choose for your online degree in construction management must be an accredited online university. This essentially means the school has been evaluated by an independent committee to determine that the curriculum, staff, facilities and technology are up to current university standards. It also means that you should be able to easily transfer your credits to another university (if need be) and that all companies requiring a traditional or online degree in construction management for new hires will recognize your degree.

As a career advisor, Anne Harvester has seen an increase in people interested in pursuing construction management jobs. For those interested in construction project management Anne recommends on the job training combined with an online degree in construction management.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Affordable Online College Degrees

If you are working on a budget but still want to go forward in your education, then you might want to consider affordable online college life experience degrees. There are several offline, brick-and-mortar schools that have already been approved to conduct lessons and classes online, and these same schools can give you an online diploma in a degree befitting your workload and learning at the end of your online term.

Affordable online college degrees can help you do more things with your career, and perhaps earn you more money. As more and more colleges turn out thousands upon thousands of students with undergraduate degrees, the job market is all the more competitive and unforgiving. If you want to get a good job today, a high school education will often not be enough.

To help you still save money, there are affordable online college degrees that can help you earn your diploma in a wide variety of fields. Whether you are after a short certificate program that will get you working immediately, or a graduate degree that can help you get promoted in your line of work, you may be able to find affordable online college degrees from accredited universities.

There are several degrees available, as well as several possible career paths. You may want to take up art and design courses to help you through the demands of modern day graphic designs. You might want to earn your MBA or advanced degree in accounting online. You may even earn certificates in criminal justice and law that can help you carry out administration and peace and order better.

These are only a few available affordable online college degrees. For more information, look through accredited sites until you find the degree that you want and need.

Note: This article may be freely reproduced as long as the AUTHOR'S resource box at the bottom of this article is included and and all links must be Active/Linkable with no syntax changes.

Charlene J. Nuble is a healthcare professional who loves writing about women's issues, parenting, education and other health related stuffs. To learn more about Affordable Online College Degrees... Click Here!

Monday, November 05, 2007

How to Choose an Online Degree Program

Online Learning Sounds Right For Me! How do I choose a program?

Ready to dig into the details and choose the online learning program that best fits your needs and circumstances? Trying to choose the best online school for you? Since geographic location is not part of the criteria, you literally have thousands of programs and online universities to choose from. However, you can't depend on name recognition alone. Remember, online schools vary in what they offer and how they deliver education. And price is not a reliable indication of an online univerities's value. So here is some helpful information to help you choose the best online college for your online degree.

Start with Statistics

Track Record

An online university can have glitzy advertising about how easy it is to earn a degree, but its graduation and drop out rates tell the true story. If retention rates are low, it probably means students are not being taught well at that particular online school.


It has taken years for online universities to learn how to best design courses, train faculty, and serve online students. Quality institutions continuously learn about and develop new methodologies. Some major universities have the name recognition, but do their online programs have the recognition, too? Be sure to choose your online college carefully.

Number of Students in Classes

In face-to-face classes, you can see how many students the professor has to accommodate. Online universities who have a low student-to-teacher ratio will proudly publicize it. Those who cram online students on a teacher's roster will keep it quiet.

Standards and Practices

When an online college promotes its standards and best practices for quality online education, there has to be some accountability. Ask about standards the online univerisity has adopted and then check out the organization that awarded them. Diploma mills are quite clever in assigning themselves accreditation and stamps of approval--caution is necessary if you want the best online degree available.

Will This Program Meet Your Needs? Does It Specialize in the Courses You Want?

Some online colleges are strong in business courses, others in engineering. Take the time to research each online degree program thoroughly and make sure it has what you need. Be sure to find out if the courses taught focus on what is currently relevant to that technical field-it won't help you to graduate without the most up-to-date knowledge. When it comes to licensing or certification, it's even more critical. If you take courses toward a license or certificate from an out-of-state online university, make sure the degree, license, or certificate is valid in the state in which you will use it.

What Is the Policy for Transferring Credits?

Transferring credits between institutions has gotten better since online education has become more accepted. However, not every institution will accept online credits.

What Happens if I Need to Leave a Course Partway Through?

For online students with jobs and families, life sometimes unexpectedly gets in the way of studies and the only way to deal with it is to leave a course. Before enrolling, ask what provisions the online degree program makes if you have to drop a course in the middle. Can you get a refund? What are the policies for readmission?

Does the Online Degree Program Have Services for Students with Disabilities?

A program's brochures, Web site, and course catalog can give you a lot of information on how the online degree program handles accessibility issues. Some programs have a disabilities coordinator. Ask about policies and accessibility. What kinds of accommodations can students with disabilities expect, such as taking longer to complete tests?

Consider Who Will Teach You: How Do Teachers Respond to Students?

Every teacher has a different teaching style but in online classes, how each teacher teaches is crucial. Student success, in part, depends on the instructor at online universities. Ask questions such as "How long have faculty members taught online?" and "How long does it take to get homework back?" and "Do professors answer e-mail frequently?"

If at all possible, view a portion of the online course before deciding to take it. Note the instructor's writing and teaching style and expectations. Be sure there is a clear plan for content presentation, interactivity, communication, and assessment.

How Are the Teachers Trained to Teach Online?

Find out how much emphasis an online college gives to training since institutions have very different ways to train. For-profit online institutions usually have control over faculty members and can require their training. However, in institutions with a strong tradition of faculty and/or union control, such training may be suggested but not required.

Are Teachers Certified and Experienced in Their Fields?

Some online universities use adjunct faculty members who are practitioners in their fields. For instance, a marketing class in health administration might have the CEO of a health group or a person running the health-care system of a senior center develop and/or teach the class. Students would work with the CEO to develop a proactive marketing plan so that they not only learn information but also use it in real-life situations.

How Is the Curriculum Developed?

Don't assume that just because a history teacher is a terrific professor in a face-to-face environment that he or she has any idea how to transfer that same course information to online classes. The design of an online course is crucial to student success because the physical cues and interaction of a face-to-face class must be built into the online environment. Well-designed courses combine the talents of faculty and professors, hands-on teachers, graphic designers, instructional designers, programmers, animators, and experts in web programs. All of these components are extremely important in providing successful online learning.

What Does a Well-Designed Course Look Like?

o Clear organization

o Clear goals and objectives

o Thorough instructions for all assignments and other course logistics

o Instructionally appropriate media (graphics, audio/video, animations, etc.)

o Opportunities for interaction

o Activities that encourage students to be active learners

o Student resources (library, tutoring, technical support, etc.)

o Clear content that's easy to read and aesthetically pleasing

What Does a Poorly Designed Course Look Like?

o Unclear content organization, unclear navigation

o Incomplete or wrong information in the syllabus

o Unclear expectations and learning objectives

o Incomplete or missing instructions for class participation, homework assignments

o No clear communication plan

o Few opportunities for students to interact with other students, instructors, or the course material itself

o Poor content presentation (typos, errors, text-heavy and difficult-to-read materials, technical problems, etc.)

o Assistance and/or resources for students are incomplete or missing

*List created by Jennifer Freeman, Course Development Team Leader, University of Texas System TeleCampus

Are Student Services Set Up for Online Students?

Since you most likely can't physically walk into an office to get what you need, services for online students are an essential component to your success and satisfaction. Though you have to be more of a self-advocate than a face-to-face student does, the online degree program you are considering should have someone designated who can help you or point you to someone who can, whether for financial aid, veterans' affairs, or the library.

Look to see how clear and accessible information on the online school's Web site is for prospective and current students. How responsive is the online degree program adviser to your calls or e-mails? Does the program provide toll-free numbers for assistance?

What You'll Probably Ask a Student Advisor

o Is the degree program totally online? Students want to confirm if they are required to be on campus for some periods of time during the course.

o Is the degree the same? Students want to be sure their diploma doesn't say something different from diplomas for on-campus students. Occasionally, a campus that is part of a consortium might have a different degree plan.

o Do I have to take entrance exams? Students assume that online education is different. Most likely you will need to complete campus admission requirements identical to face-to-face students.

o What degrees do you offer? Lots of online students think they should be able to get any degree that is offered for face-to-face students. Because of the use of development resources, not every institution can offer every on-campus degree online.

o How do I register? Each online program is different. The information for registering should be on each institution's website.

o How long will it take to get my degree? How long it takes to complete the course work depends on whether the student attends full- or part-time, and on the requirements of the college.

o How will I be tested? Students want to know if they will have to take proctored exams and where their grades will come from. This information should be clear in the course information.

Will You Be Able to Get Tutoring and Mentoring Online?

Students who have been out of school for a long time have a learning curve to climb. Writing papers does not come easy. They get discouraged and feel they can't keep up with the homework. Foreseeing the problems of many new online students, some online program providers contract out online tutoring services in math or English composition. Others have "dial-a-tutors" available in different languages for students.

Does the Library Provide Services for Online Students?

Students on campus spend a lot of time in the library. Digital libraries can be confusing for those not accustomed to them, so quality online programs have librarians dedicated to helping their online students acclimate to their system. What if you are looking for a specific journal? You should be able to get in touch with your institution's librarian to find it online or have it mailed or delivered to you or a library near you. Faculty members teaching online courses should work with the librarians to make sure the resources needed for their classes are available online.

How Helpful Is the Help Desk and Other Technology Questions

Be sure to research the technical and technology requirements for online students at each online university you are considering. Some programs send enrolled students a CD with free software or provide all the materials needed to download from their Web site. A few require students to buy supplemental software, such as microphones. Your ISP should be able to support being online for long periods of time. You do not want to be halfway through an essay question and get bumped off because you have timed out. Ask if there is a tech fee. It is usually not much, but you will want to know about any extra fees.

Will You Get Tech Support When You Need It?

Online learning programs cannot afford to let students spend hours on the phone trying to fix a software hiccup. Since students tend to do assignments at odd hours, tech support should be available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Graduate Degrees - Earning an Online Masters in Nursing

Earning a masters life experience degrees online today is a great convenience to both your work day schedule as well as your family and loved ones. You are more than likely a major contributor to the structure of your family, and if you are married with children, that demand is even more necessary.

There are more colleges and universities involved in online education than ever before. That would make perfect sense, as most institutions have only recently embraced online education after the verdict has been returned by those institutions with a resounding confident yes. Online degree programs Have firmly established their place in the education landscape. As more and more graduates meet the demands of their chosen field after graduation and succeed and exceed, the powers-that-be have taken notice.

CEO's, supervisors and hiring managers alike have given their resounding approval of the quality of graduates and the competency they display under the demands of their work.

Online graduate degrees are by far and away, the leader in the three degree race between, Associates, bachelors and masters degrees. Why? Because the medium and format of online education matches the ideal online student to a "T". Age, career level, and prior education level are all logical markers of a collegiate graduate who is now seeking the next level. Family status and geographic availability are sometimes the defining elements that help steer a potential student towards an online degree program. In the end, it just makes sense.

An online masters degree, is just one such degree that more and more working adults are turning their attention to after being confronted with both work and life events that require them to advance their education in order to advance their position ad salary earning potential. Of the many quickly growing fields due to the advances in the quality of online education is the field of nursing. The convenience of time probably plays the biggest roll in this type of degree attaining such growth. The majority of candidates, being women, and more than likely having children at home has made earning an online masters in nursing such a prudent decision and a such highly valued degree.

More and more colleges and universities are growing their online programs and creating online classes to meet the need of people that have the defining elements of the ideal online student. Ultimately, dedication to the course work and discipline to adhere to the structure and time demands of the program determine the success, but for many student ... where there's a will, there's now an online way.

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