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Monday, April 23, 2007

How Can You Get Online Diploma

Every working professional wants to have additional layers of qualification so that they can grow in their careers. Online diplomas offered by various academic institutions have got popular because of this. With several online high schools offering online diplomas in a variety of subjects how are you going to decide which one is the right for you?

It is obvious that you will go for the subject that is going to get you a spectacular success in your field, but which academic institute you should get the diploma from? You will also need to watch out for bogus online high schools that have appeared on the scene in the last 5 to 10 years.

It was only after my nephew got ruined because he got himself enrolled in a fraudulent online high school’s diploma program, I decided to be of some assistance to people like him as I am working in the field of education for many years. So, I came up with a step-by-step approach of getting an online diploma safely.

Research Online High Schools

Your first step should be to list all of the online high schools regardless of your personal likes and dislikes. This is very important. Normally, people don’t like to list what they don’t like. But this is your career we are doing all the hard works for. It is worth it. Just do it.

Filter Out the Unaccredited Online High Schools

Your next step should be to browse through all of the listed online high schools’ websites and look for their accreditation status. You are going to find that there are some online high school websites that do not have any section by the name of accreditation. Filter them out right away. You will notice that there are some online high school websites that have the section of accreditation but show that they are accredited from some agency abbreviated as AICOS. Beware of such websites, they are fraudulent. Because the body that is capable of accrediting online schools is the International Accreditation Committee of Online School, which is abbreviated as IACOOS, and not AICOS.

Discover the Best of the Bests Online High School

Now you have only the best online high schools left in your list. If you want to have a diploma that can take your career higher than that of others, you must discover the best online high school for you. The way to do that is to find out which is the best of the bests online high school.

Which High School has the Best Reputation?

While there is not a single online high school that has created a great reputation, you should try your level best to find the best one for you. Here is the list of some of the world renowned online high schools:

• Adison High School
• Allied High School
• Christa McAuliffe Academy
• CompuHigh Online School
• Florida Virtual School

With letting you know of some of the most renowned online high schools of the world, I feel it is important that I mention some of the unique benefits that one of them offers.

Adison High School

Adison High School is the online high school most students and professionals turn to for earning their diplomas. The reason for that are the following benefits that no other academic institute offers.

Adison High School provides 100% money back guarantee.

Adison High School is the only online High School that provides updated versions of E-Books. These e-books help students to prepare for the online equivalency test and get a legitimate diploma

Adison High School provides complete online and offline credential verification service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

• The diplomas that Adison High School provides are high quality diplomas printed on traditional diploma paper with gold plated seal of the High School which identifies it as a diploma from a reputable and respected educational institution.

• Students of Adison High School can take benefit from prompt assistance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week through toll free line, fax, email and live chat.

• Besides Adison High School no other academic institute has a faculty of 1000 Student Counselors that are available to students 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Harris Jhosta is well known in education field. He is working in LUMS university as a senior professor. Harris Jhosta wrote many articles on the benefits of online university.

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Anonymous said...

Last time I checked Adison was a diploma mill. I don't expect that has changed much.