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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

E-learning Solutions - Getting Past the Difficulties to Deliver a Better Learning Experience

In many instances involving learning scenarios, many learners do not reap the full benefits of the learning experience due to a number of reasons. Since virtually everyone is unique in their own way, all possessing specific preferences and peculiarities that could very well be exclusive to them respectively, presenting instructors, trainers, and teachers with the unenviable task of formulating a teaching strategy that will take into account their unique attributes and allow them to learn fully. Without going so much into the details of teaching, this task may be viewed by some as a virtual impossibility, and that may very well be true, since it is a known fact that no two people are ever alike in the world, not even identical twins. This fact therefore necessitates that educators, trainers, and learning experts must design their learning modules to accommodate varying learning rates, within acceptable parameters, as well as certain learning material, and treat specific areas of contention, such as possible appropriateness and religion-related issues, with temperance and the underlying note that all subject material and learning activities have been included in the learning module all for the purposes of providing the needed lessons, and not for anything else. Normally such considerations are subject to much debate and deliberations from within the faculty or from within the management of the learning institution. Those using a learning management system, however, can work around this by completely customizing all subject matter and curtailing them for appropriateness and learner need, thus providing an even more effective learning experience.

There will always inevitably certain learners who have a particular dislike for approaching the instructor to verify certain aspects of the learning module, and a failure to do will, of course, result in a lesson being incorrectly learned, or an incomplete understanding of the material, which is often the case. There are always certain aspects of lessons that will need a closer and more finite analysis than is typically done by those learning it, hence, the role of an instructor able to aid the learner in dissecting this matter and learning it further is quite crucial, although the entire point of having an instructor is quite moot if the learner themselves fail or inhibit themselves from approaching the instructor and asking the needed information. This is why in an instance like this, the benefit of an e-learning solution is quite obvious. Certain learning programs that incorporate e-learning tools may have a noticeable absence of an instructor, but this fact will not deter the learner from pursuing a particular aspect of the learning module that may not have been altogether that clear when it was taken up. Being segmented into easily manageable modules, a learning management system can facilitate "zooming in" on a particular area of difficulty and providing better and more in-depth information and materials on it, to facilitate better understanding and therefore complete the learning experience. The fact that there is no apparent "intimidating" presence of an instructor, certain learners may feel quite secure in pursuing further something which may have been an area of difficulty for them, and having the appropriate tools to allow them to analyze the matter better affords them the initiative to actually look up the area of difficulty and deal with it themselves at their own pace and not be embarrassed by the fact that they are stalled by a perceived difficulty.

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