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Saturday, October 25, 2008

5 Steps For Getting Your Hands on the Best Online Degree Program

Looking for the best online degree program around but don't know where to start? There isn't exactly a straight answer to that question as your needs and priorities for picking out the right one varies with the person sitting next to you. The US News releases what it calls "The Top 100 American Colleges" but in this situation, what exactly should you look for to get the best degree program?

Deciding on which is the best online degree program you want to sign up for is hard enough, but let's take a look at what you might want to consider.

Step 1: Find out what you already know

Decide whether you already have in mind the best online degree program that you want to pursue.

Step 2: Find out your purpose

Decide if it is for the career you're looking after taking that degree or the kind of money you can take home after or if it is the kind of college life you're interested in like online parties, sports and so on.

Step 3: Funnel your options

Check the accreditation of the institution offering the degree. Of course, you'd want something legal and solid when you shell out your money, guts and brains. Also, you can narrow down your list once you've already decided which program to take as not all educational institutions offer will offer the degree that you're looking for.

Step 4: Making that decision

The next step would be to scrutinize the offers out there by preparing a list of criteria of what you need in choosing the best online degree program. Are you after the school's academic excellence? Do you like the courses they're offering? Do you have particular professors you'd want to study under? Do you like the method of teaching the school is offering?

Step 5: Compare and contrast

With the criteria at hand, you can easily pick out and list the best candidates for your online degree. Take time to research on each school or institution to have a better grasp of what they can offer and compare it with the others. Don't just glaze over what online advertisements can provide to you but check out each one's own website. (For example, don't be too trusting with colleges that don't even have their own website.)

You can even make a chart out of the data that you have gathered to better contrast each college from each other and weigh your options. You're chart may look like this:

College A
College B
College C
College D

  • Academic Reputation
  • Cost
  • Relevant Classes
  • Technology

You can then easily use a scale like from 1-5 or to 10 to further narrow the list and spot the best online degree program for you.

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