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Monday, January 14, 2008

To Teach Online Or Not To Teach?

To teach online or not is the question that many teachers ask themselves. Since these days anyone can find online courses offered on various web sites which enable you to expand your knowledge at the speed that suits you the best it is expected to see some of the old school teachers to talk against online teaching.

The ones who argue that teaching online is not teaching at all have one major point they stick to and that is: you have to be in class to teach. What they mean you have to speak to your students and feel their motivation raising and falling as you teach.

They, however, don't understand that it is perfectly possible to study while working or at the comfort of your own house. Think about this, online courses do have classrooms but they are virtual, they have everything a classroom has to have, the only that makes it different is the fact that it is not a physical classroom but as said above, a virtual one.

People who teach online are equally important as "offline" teachers since they do transfer their knowledge to students and they do make them feel that they are studying.

To those who want to get into online teaching or online learning I have to say: Go for it. You can't lose anything; you can only gain more experience and more knowledge that will help you develop both professionally and personally. If you don't agree with me then tell me this, if online learning is not good why are there so many online universities today filled with real students who want more knowledge?

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