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Monday, January 21, 2008

Tips To Be a Successful Online Learner

Online Learning is a total new experience in of its own type. Keeping few things in mind, you can enjoy learning online to its fullest. In this piece of writing I'll share some important tips that will surely help you in your journey of e-learning.

• Find out the institution that gives you best education for your money. There are websites on the internet that compare the pricing of different institutions. Thus giving you a better choice.

• Check the accreditations FIRST! An extremely important task it is. Never keep it aside. Give it first priority.

• Improve your writing skills. Practice to communicate via writing effectively. Writing, or shall I say typing is the most important skill an online learner must possess. Your tutor assesses you by the words you have typed out to him. Feel comfortable at expressing yourself in writing.

• Have an open mind. Be ready to accept diversities. Learn to share experiences with fellow students. Remember it is not important that your fellows in a course be from your own territory, they may be from some where opposite in the globe.

• Keep a strict check on yourself. On one hand where online education facilitates you with ease at studying when free, on the other hand it may make you lazy. Make a timetable for yourself and follow it strictly.

• Set aside 4-5 hours, preferably more, daily for study. Then only would you get good grades.

• Learn to communicate problems with your instructors. An instructor won't know you are facing a problem in learning or understanding something unless and until you speak up to him and tell him about it.

• Never take online education as an easy way to get education. The marking criteria, course, assignments and exams are all the same as in traditional colleges. They are not at all easier so never take them lightly or your grades would suffer.

• Try turning your mentality towards critical thinking. This way you'll enjoy what you study.

• Instead of using internet from cafe's or some other place. it is better you save some money and buy a computer and get a DSL internet connection. This way you will have access to the internet whenever you wish and will not have to worry about speed problems. A DSL connection solves it all for you.

• While studying online, mostly assignments and questions given by the instructors are based on critical thinking. The answers are always easy, but never jump to conclusions. Sit back, relax, think and answer the questions even if you have a 24 hour submission quiz.

• Complete assignments at least a day before the given deadlines. Don't wait till the last hour. Make a habit to complete at the earliest possible instance. Emergencies never knock!

• Communicate with your fellow course mates. You will get versatile ideas.

• Keep aside some space where you can sit and study daily for a few hours without any interruption.

• Be a strong believer in the merits of online education. Never hesitate to advocate it in a group decision.

• Make a routine to log on to your learning management system daily or at least every alternate day.

• Be polite in discussions. Never taunt. Be rational and reasonable in your arguments.

• Finally apply whatever you learn in your daily life. Try and implement it practically.

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