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Monday, February 04, 2008

Advantages of Online Degrees

We can attend online classes from anywhere around the world whether it is home city or any other city or country. We don't need to stay in one city or place we can continue our studies as a traveler with the help of laptop computer with wireless internet connection. Live in north region and attend colleges of south.

We can communicate and discuss about the subject from the students and colleagues who are studying same subject from the same university or college. During exams we can study online with colleagues.

It becomes easy for the students who want to go outside the country for their Higher education. Today, many reputed universities are offering the courses online in very low tuition fees. Some institutes are making pathway programs online which enable student to go foreign after three or six months for the further education.

We can choose any course according to our interest and also any university of the world which is providing online education facility. So, it has removed the Barrier between an intelligent student and a moderate student. There is no entrance exam required; if we are eligible for the course we can get admission easily

Online education system is low costlier as we don't need to buy any admission form, uniform, shoes, bags, notebooks, pen, pencils and books etc from the market. We don't need to spend money on bus fees or in petrol .What we need is just a personal or laptop computer having internet connection.

This system is time consuming as we don't need to get up early and ready for going to institute, we don't need to wait for the Bus that will take you to the college. We can attend lectures and give exams according to our schedule so the time management becomes easy. If a person is doing any job or working anywhere this system can best suits for them.

Documents and Study materials are available on the college websites. Videos of lectures and e books can be retrieved from the e-mail. Online Live discussions programs are organized by the institutes at regular intervals. Discussions plays very important role to share and increase the practical knowledge between the students.

As the books and notes are available we don't need to buy books it reduces our expenses for books and time to go in market. Working on a project become easy for the students if everyone is online and share their working.

If we are making any assignment and preparing for presentation we don't need to take out print outs or hard copy, Big file just prepare your electronic document online and submit them by e mail or enrolling on the college website. Due to over enrollment student cannot deny entering the class. Instead of complicated attendance system student can register with the click of mouse.

It totally depends upon the students how they maintain their time and plan schedule teachers will not force you to complete your homework, assignment or presentation. So the student should be responsible and hard worker.

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