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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Is Online Learning a Viable Option For You?

A lot of people have found online colleges to be the number one solution for continuing education. The class schedules are certainly more flexible and many times the tuition is more affordable because there are not as many (if any) physical campuses that need to be maintained.

That said, getting an online degree is not for everybody and not all online colleges are equal. It depends a lot on the type of career you are interested in pursuing. For many technical trades and lower level white collar professions, an online degree may be perfect for these individuals. For these people it is a matter of deciding which online school is going to best meet their expectations.

Choosing a college, whether one with a physical campus or an online campus, is obviously a serious process where you must take many different factors under consideration. However, choosing from a selection of online colleges can be somewhat trickier for a number of reasons.

First of all, it may harder to get a feel for how a college is run and what you can expect while attending classes if you cannot tour the campus and talk with representatives in person. You may find that online classes are not for you. Speaking with prospective online colleges will give you a good idea of how well you will mesh with an online learning environment.

If you are good at time management and setting your own schedules then an online degree can be the perfect solution. If, however, you find it difficult to keep track of regular class schedules chances are you will quickly become overwhelmed trying to manage time and work deadlines in a cyber learning environment.

While there are many top notch online colleges, there are at least as many not so good operations out there. If at all possible, enroll in online classes offered by your local community . This is a way to sidestep the dubious online schools altogether.

If you do decide to pursue a completely online college, there are some things to be aware of. First of all, I would stay away from online schools that do not permit you to browse curriculum and schedules online before talking with a representative. If you visit a school website and the furthest you can get is to fill out a contact form, you could as well keep on looking at other schools. This is one of the first signs that the school is a degree mill.

Be wary of pushy salesmanship type behavior, When you are contacted by an online school representative. I have run into too many people that were forced into submitting outrageous pre-enrollment or other types of so-called deposits to garanty a place in classes. No respectable college is going to make you feel like there is a rush to send them money. If you feel pressured to send in vaguely labeled funds, hang up and look at other schools.

There are many reputable online colleges, but the best ones are still online classes offered by traditional educational institutions. If you are going to enroll in a completely online school to get an online degree, do your homework. Search for discussion forums and find out what other people have experienced with particular online degree institutions, as well as online learning in general.

Remember, it is your future you are dealing with. Getting your degree, online or not is serious. Take all the time you need and especially use your common sense. Be the best you can. The most important person is you, invest your time wisely. Now, start searching...

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