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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Communication Keys in Online Degrees

Communication is key when beginning and continuing in an online degree program. Since you are not physically attending a class, it is much more difficult to get to know those you attend class with and are taught by. Sometimes it is hard to remember that they are actual people who also have jobs, families, and other obligations. It takes some effort, but you can utilize the networking opportunities and make friends while working on your virtual schooling.

One way to become involved is beginning by introducing yourself and getting to know others in your classes. Most online classes I have ever been a part of tend to automatically ask you to post an introduction. Try to go a step further by sending each person who has posted an introduction a separate greeting, in which you hopefully mention something that you may share in common. If you notice that "Amy" is from the same state you lived in for 10 years, try to mention that in a response email to her. Or if "Joe" enjoys camping, you might mention a new campground you have recently found.

Making friends is vital to establishing that all-important support group. Since you are all continuing through this journey together, it is always wonderful to know who you can ask for help. Leaders will emerge regardless, and hopefully you will be one. not only will others look to you for assistance and be there when you need it, but instructors will also take note. Many opportunities may arise later as you continue working on your degree.

Put forth the effort to get to know others, and the benefits will come full circle even greater. Get chatting!

Charity L. Weber is an author, teacher, parent, trainer, student, and manager. Most importantly, in all of the previously mentioned: she is an educator. The ability to teach someone something new is a gift that few truly appreciate. ARE YOU INTERESTED IN SUBSCRIBING TO A FREE E-LEARNING E-ZINE AND RECEIVE A FREE BONUS GIFT? You can visit her at

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