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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Pros and Cons of Getting an Online Education

Today, an increasing amount of students are exploring the convenience and flexibility of obtaining an online education. While Internet colleges and universities have become the rage over the years, there are many other methods of e-learning that span the likes of elementary-age students to senior learners. With the various types of online educational options one may choose, there are also a range of advantages and disadvantages that come with seeking an online degree or certificate.

Advantages of an Online Education

Regardless of the age at which a student enters an online learning environment, there are plenty of benefits that come with this type of schooling. For many, the accessibility is a relief, as online classes are attended anywhere an Internet connection is found. This is great for homebound or bed-ridden students who are unable to physically attend their classes. In many cases, the overall cost of an online education is less expensive than traditional means of learning. This is especially seen within the higher education scene.

Online schools also offer a wide range of varying subject matters that allow students to fulfill their requirements for an intended course of study. A higher level of opportunity is offered with an online education, as seen with students learning the Spanish language who can actually connect with native speakers situated halfway across the world. This ability to expand communication and interaction further enhances the benefits and impact of receiving an online education.

Online students also take advantage of the fact that time is not an issue, as they are able to attend lectures, complete coursework, and take exams when it is convenient. Schedules are flexible where a student can easily choose the times of the day (or night) that best fit into their daily routine. This is great for students who wish to complete assignments after their job or at-home mothers who wish to study when the kids are taking a nap.

Lastly, the availability of schooling materials are accessible on the Internet, meaning there are no extra costs for purchasing expensive books and other learning tools. Online schools post necessary documents, transcripts, live discussions, downloadable reading, and emails for students to use. When questions for an instructor arise, they are generally answered quickly through emails, forums, and chat rooms.

Disadvantages of an Online Education

As for the disadvantages that come with online learning, it is important to seek out legitimate institutions, as some online degrees and certificates are not accepted or accredited by other schools when one is looking for a transfer. There are also certain types of companies that do not acknowledge schooling completed online. When using the Internet to obtain an education, most interaction between teachers and schoolmates are completed through emails and online "chatting," meaning oral communication skills are neglected.

When younger individuals rely on the Internet for their education, they miss out on the many opportunities to cultivate their social skills. Some sink deep into isolation. Typical coming-of-age experiences are also passed on, such as going to the prom, senior activities and participating in competitive sports.

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