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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Getting Your Accounting Degree Online

So, now that you've decided to get your degree in Accounting, have you considered earning your degree online? Distance learning used to mean getting courses via snail mail or on videotape but now, since the advent of the internet, online education is a reality for anyone interested in continuing their education but is looking for more flexibility.

Online learning expands the reach of the classroom by using various technologies to deliver university resources to off-campus sites. The technology for new, cheaper telecommunications is getting better all the time, and there is a growing demand for education by people who cannot afford either the time or money to be a full-time, on-campus student. To fill that demand, educational networks also are growing and changing how and when you can access college courses. Most states have established new distance learning systems to advance the delivery of instruction to schools, postsecondary institutions, and state government agencies.

What online education now means is that you can access educational programs and not have to physically be in a classroom on a campus. Through a reliable Internet connection, the classroom comes to you sometimes even if you're sitting in your room in your bunny slippers and it's 2 in the morning.

Whether you prefer an Ivy League University or your local state college, nearly every educational facility has the capacity to present at least some of its curriculum online. You will also find that some courses allow you to enroll at your convenience and work at your own pace. Others closely adhere to a traditional classroom schedule. Specific policies and time limitations pertaining to withdrawals, refunds, transfers, and renewal periods can be found in the institutional catalog.

So, what degree programs in Accounting are available? Well, you are in luck Accounting is one of the largest fields available online! You can earn everything from an Associates degree to an accounting Doctorate degree (both PhD and DBA) all from the comfort of your living room. You can easily earn your online accounting degree while keeping your current job.

Many accountants also choose to become CPAs. CPAs are distinguished from other accountants by stringent state and licensing requirements, including education, examination, and experience. CPAs working in public practice are also required to take Continuing Professional Educational (CPE) courses to keep current on all facets of CPA services. They must adhere to a strict code of professional ethics that the public recognizes and respects highly. CPAs are among the most extensively trained and experienced tax advisors. There are plenty of online courses available to help prepare you to sit for the CPA exam, as well as distance learning courses available to fulfill any and all continuing education needs to maintain your CPA status.

In face, once you've attained your Accounting Degree, you can further your education and continue your professional development in all areas of accounting entirely online, making it much easier to maintain your work and family life while improving and further honing your skills.

Whatever your goal, if you are computer savvy, able to budget your time accordingly, and have the flexibility to try learning in a new way well, then online learning might be the right way for you to pursue your dreams of an accounting degree.

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