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Saturday, April 07, 2012

How to Achieve an MBA Degree While At Home

Ever wondered about the prospect of gaining an MBA degree without giving up your present job? Or, have you ever considered the benefits of pursuing a course that allowed taking the lessons in the comfort of your home? Today, thanks to the internet revolutions and the world of information technology, education can be brought at your doorstep via the Distance Learning mechanism. This entire concept of learning from home and at one's convenience without making big sacrifices is gathering momentum by each passing day.

Method of Teaching

Distance Learning is propelled by technology where instructions are given online via some interactive medium and participation is leveraged through chats, message boards and other social media platforms.Some of the institutes that offer MBA through distance learning also give the flexibility of downloading missed classes through podcasts. They have active discussion forums where students enrolled in the program can interact to clear their doubts and strengthen their basics.

Advantages of Distance Learning MBA


Compared to a full time MBA or Master in Business Administration, online MBA courses are offered at a price that is substantially less than charged by full time Business schools. Moreover, you can pursue your own professional while enrolling in a distance learning mode of study.


The course allows you to plan your schedule as per your convenience and even allocate time to fit your schedule. You can complete your course from anywhere and anytime with a simple internet connection.


The distance learning MBA offers huge potential for interaction among the students and among the teachers or professors. This way the relevant doubts can be easily cleared and also one can gain various perspectives from various students via message boards or emails.

Financial Aid

Just like recognised B schools, a lot of online MBA courses can be availed of through loans and scholarships. However such facilities are offered by recognised universities offering such courses.

Varied Choices

There are varied kinds of institutes offering MBA courses ranging from general management to specialised institutes depending upon one's requirement. Moreover, the choices that are offered in terms of the sheer number of institutes offering such programs allow you to choose the program that best suits your requirements.

Course Structure

Most of the recognised institutes offering Distance Learning MBA degree or diploma offer courses that are similar to the ones offered by full time universities or B-Schools covering foundation courses for subjects related to Economics, commerce, finance, marketing, Human Resources etc and offering specialisation later on. Students are also allowed to choose electives based on their interest and inclination.

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