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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Benefits of Getting An Online Degree

Online universities are making a positive impact in the marketplace according to the results of a recent internal study. The study proved that the academic recognition of capabilities from degrees earned at Universities resulted in greater performance and profitability, along with improved credibility in the marketplace for both the graduate and employer.

The figures showed that 92 percent of Alumni surveyed indicated that the degree helped them either "somewhat" or "very much" in their job search or careers. The candidates also stated that they would "highly recommend" Universities and are "more than pleased with the services". Other figures echoed the same high ratings in other categories including Customer Support and Satisfaction with Claims, but more importantly in the category of Customer Loyalty. This is a true indicator of success for any company, as many graduates also commented that they are going back to upgrade their degree, and some are boasting an employer position with University employees.

What these figures mean is that these graduates have generated an intellectual upswing that has raised them to a higher level in their respective career situations. It follows that their employers would receive the rewards of greater productivity and their communities would experience greater economic stability. On a larger statistical scale these figures would reveal that the country is experiencing a more dynamic and independent population with less financial oppression and hardship. As the world seeks to find answers to new problems, more and more graduates are able to enter into that arena and offer their solutions, because a degree has placed them in that work place.

The benefits of attaining an online degree are numerous and they revolve around successes, accomplishments, accolades and much kudos. Receiving a degree is a life-changing experience that allows for greater financial freedom and the ability to enjoy it in a timeless manner. Online Universities are the catalyst for thousands of graduates to move up the high life scale and this study certainly proves it. Universities offer a solid alternative to traditional post-secondary institutions by pairing degrees with years of experience to produce eminently qualified, superior-quality employees.

The core traits that graduates offer to employers are experience, practical skills, professionalism, teamwork, and leadership. A review of the comments of this study reveal that they also offer other hard-to-find personality traits such as integrity, loyalty and resourcefulness. It is easy to deduce that employees with a combination of these kinds of traits would cause any company to excel to become a valuable and lucrative establishment.

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