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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Online Continuing Education Keeps Teachers Current

The rapid pace of technological and social change affects not only social institutions, but the professions of the populace as well. Throughout the 20th century, all sorts of professionals used every available means - reading journals, attending seminars, taking correspondence courses - to stay abreast of progress in their professions. For the teacher, as well, the Continuing Education Unit (CEU), now available through online courses, represents the attainment of state-of-the-art skills.

For the most part, public school teachers in the "K-12" (kindergarten through 12th grade) classrooms leave it a few chosen representatives to battle with politicians, school boards and budgets. Most of them give their full attention to their students, since there are many educators who really do consider what they do a calling, or a cause, as much as a career. The availability of online colleges with courses that earn the Continuing Education Unit is, for a teacher, a great time-saver as well as a way to be more effective in the classroom.

New specialties = new opportunities

In addition to perfecting skills they already possess, Internet training and education can give a teacher a path to new specialties that, in turn, afford them new opportunities in their profession. The continuing education unit, then, also represents change and progress for the teacher who is motivated to go online and work toward a new or upgraded credential, perhaps in an entirely new discipline.

Many special education teachers start out in regular classrooms, according to the National Education Association, and then decide to specialize. Depending on precisely what they want to teach, they may then be required to meet a "state standard of evaluation covering multiple subjects, not later than two years after the date of employment." Obviously, to get the training and testing done within this timeframe makes the online continuing education unit a very good choice for a teacher with a busy schedule.

Clearly, online colleges and training programs are not just making money for their owners, but providing a real public service to some of the most motivated public servants - teachers. For a teacher dedicated to his or her profession, going online to earn just the kind of continuing education unit needed for career advancement or specialization is both convenient and socially beneficial.

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