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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Distance Learning University - Proving "Knowledge is Really Power"

Opportunities provided by distance learning university are massive. The growth and diversity of distance learning programs are creating a whole new world which only sees education as its prime objective. Gone are the days when racial and gender abuse marred education. New alliances have been formed between traditional educational institutions, foreign governments, and international organizations to offer and use distance learning. These have all helped developing countries to enhance their human capital and access knowledge.

Learning On The Job

The greatest advantage of distance learning university is that it provides an opportunity to adults doing job to educate themselves further. Most of the adults have full time jobs and their schedule is more or less fixed so it is highly improbable for them to join traditional colleges. Here come colleges which with the help of Internet can educate people sitting at home at odd hours. Many companies such as Hewlett Packard are using distance learning as an effective way of improving their employees.

Educating adults is totally different as they have prior experience both in education and in life. Distance learning university is very goal oriented and practical with not too much emphasis on theory. They need guides instead of lecturers. Immediate use, practice by doing and groups discussion are the most powerful tools in teaching to adults. Students who are doing courses with them can get valuable knowledge from their experience.

Choosing courses from so many distances learning university is vital. Before enrolling, do a detail research on courses offered as no two courses are the same. Also ask forthright that degree offered by them is legitimate or not. There are some hoax programs but a little awareness is all you need. Therefore enroll for distance learning programs as soon as possible and achieve all your goals.

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