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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Online Degree Programs - Facts And Fiction

There are many misconceptions regarding online degrees and distance learning. Before deciding whether or not to pursue an online degree, it is important to determine what is a legitimate concern and what is simply a myth.

Fact or Myth: Online Programs Are Easier

It is easy for a first-time student to assume that earning an online degree will be easier than attending traditional classes. This is seldom the case, however. Online courses require the same hours of study as their traditional counterparts - including the hours that would normally be spent in the classroom. In some cases earning an online degree can be even more difficult because of the self-discipline required to study and stay on task.

Fact or Myth: Online Programs Lack Quality

It is true, students often save money earning an online degree. That does not mean that educational quality is sacrificed though. Online programs from properly accredited schools are rigorously designed and monitored. Some of the top online programs have entire departments dedicated to training staff, designing courses and monitoring progress. In fact, online degree courses can be monitored and adjusted more frequently than traditional courses because everything from notes and testing to student feedback is online.

Fact or Myth: No Personal Support

It is a scary thought when contemplating earning an online degree that students are out there floundering on the Internet with no guidance or support. This is simply not the case with quality online degree programs. Most programs have exactly the same support a student would find in a traditional degree program. There are counselors to assist with enrollment and choosing courses. There are teachers and adjuncts to help with individual course questions. And, of course, there is tech support for any computer software issues.

Fact or Myth: Only People Living In The Middle Of Nowhere Obtain Online Degrees

It is true that people living in remote areas of the world often take advantage of online degree programs. But so do busy executives, nurses and teachers looking to advance their careers. A diploma from an accredited online degree program looks exactly the same as a diploma from a bricks-and-mortar university. The convenience of not having to fight traffic, find a parking space and walk clear across campus is very enticing to students of all walks of life.

Fact or Myth: Technical Expertise is Required

Computer technology and the Internet are still mysterious entities for many people. Luckily, in order to take advantage of an online degree program, students do not need to know much about them! Anybody who can search for universities on Google, fill out an online enrollment application or participate in a forum has enough expertise to complete an online degree program.

Some programs even have computer tutors who can walk students through the software they will be using for a particular course. It is in the school's best interest that students are comfortable with the software and other online tools they will be using in order for their online degree programs to be a success.

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