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Monday, October 22, 2007

Is A Career Degree Online Your Best Option?

This is one of those questions with an "It depends" answer. Getting a career online Life Experience degrees online may be the only realistic choice for people in some situations. For others, it may be smarter to take a more traditional approach. Some areas of professional specialization really require hands-on work under supervision or using specialized equipment. Certainly an accredited online degree program often includes periods where your physical presence is necessary - some subjects require laboratory work for example.

In considering a career degree online you also need to be honest about your own skills, attitudes and habits. Not everyone can make themselves do the work needed to complete a degree without a strong external support system that keeps them focused. Think about how many students start college and disappear after the first semester. It takes discipline and a willingness to sacrifice some immediate pleasures to successfully complete an online degree or certification course.

If you are working and are looking to improve your prospects in that same career area, you need to evaluate the value of any online program carefully. A career degree program has to be an accredited online degree program. This is not to say that you can not learn from an unaccredited program, but how much value do you think an employer will put on an unaccredited degree? You may have learned and increased your skills, but getting that recognized and accepted may not be easy. Some employers will also help with your costs, but generally only for an accredited program - and it needs to be one which will make you more valuable to them.

In a way, it is misleading to speak just of career degrees online. There are also a large number of online learning programs that offer certification of various kinds. Depending on the issuing organization and any accreditation or approval from state agencies or acknowledged professional oversight authorities, these can also be great career boosters.

For older students already working to support themselves and their families, taking time off to attend a college or a certification program is rarely a realistic possibility. And while many colleges and universities offer evening and weekend courses, these can become a major source of stress as one tries to fit into a fixed schedule of classes and cope with the demands of work and home at the same time. Learning and keeping up with the work can be hard enough without those additional stresses.

If you can discipline yourself and can find a quality accredited online degree program in your chosen career area, the marvelous thing about the internet and online degree study is the flexibility you gain. Work at the times you choose, on your own schedule, in your own home. Plus, the ability to replay a lecture or listen again to a seminar is a priceless advantage. If you do have a family, of course you will need their support and understanding. Just because you are sitting at home and at the computer does not mean you are fair game for any and all interruptions. Everybody may need to sacrifice a little to support your earning a career degree online. But thanks to the internet, many people who simply could not have managed to further their education before now have options that can really improve their lives.

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